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"Grandissima Selezione" by @fontanesi

400 pages to step into the surreal world of fontanesi

Grandissima Selezione by @fontanesi 400 pages to step into the surreal world of fontanesi

If you are not already doing it, @fontanesi is the Instagram profile that you must absolutely follow. The concept of his work is simple, photographing situations and common subjects, distorted through montage/collage. It is the triumph of spontaneity, which creates grotesque situations possible only by making maximum use of the imagination. A way of looking at the world with two different focal lenses, to then overlap the result in a surrealist effect, always funny.

The subjects are people, half people, quarters of people, there is no artifice or photoshop, only the camera of a telephone. The medium has obvious reasons, the need for immediacy needs agility, an impressionist approach to reality, instinctive.

From today, the work of fontanesi is collected in the book "Grandissima Selezione", an initiative by Skinnerboox, a publishing house based in Jesi and specialized in contemporary photography.

The book is a collection, an encyclopedia of creatures from another reality, but also an ultra-personal gastronomic book, in which the recipes are not written because there are no measures and doses. Inside the book, Matteo Contin writes about fontanesi

I think of fontanesi as a sixteenth century illustrator who, when faced with the task of representing a whale, realizes not only must he depict something which he has never seen but something which bears no relation to that which swims, runs of flies the earth. And so, before the misterious and the unknown, he must invent his own cetology using the tales and descriptions of the sailors. [...] Just as a narwhal could be turned into a unicorn in the sixteenth century, our provincial cities under fontanesi’s lens are populated with magical creatures, mystical objects and monsters of legend.


On Instagram, you will find more than 5,000 photographs of all kinds, nothing that you will be able to explain or that you would have expected to see.



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