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Six young artists to keep an eye on

In the chaos of the digital crowd a selection of young talents who know how to get noticed

Six young artists to keep an eye on In the chaos of the digital crowd a selection of young talents who know how to get noticed


It’s pretty hard to recognize the real art in the era of social media and endless scrolling. But there are a few talented individuals who make themselves stand out of the digital crowd. We introduce you six young artists of the new generation, who are having their exhibitions, making clothes, modeling for global campaigns and are pretty familiar with social media showcase.

#1 Butler

London-based graphic designer and artist create his own illustration series inspired by nothing rather than mirror selfies and Instagram posts of beautiful women. His latest personal exhibition titled Nostalgia” is a whole another story that features a collection of artwork and interactive objects from his childhood influences. Young artist already gained attention from Tinie Tempah and created his cover album art and worked with adidas, modeling for their Tubular campaign and working on sculpture objects.

#2 Victor Solomon

Based in San Francisco, artist and filmmaker Victor Solomon attracted our attention with hood-meets-luxury art series of installations Literally Balling. Basketball never looked so expensive: every piece is made using Tiffany-style glass craftsmanship and it takes over 100 hours to make each. Pretty impressive for our fast-forward world! Real ballers can buy themselves MOONSHOT VS.001 - a limited edition urethane and rubber basketball embellished with a half-phase silver - or a super exclusive zine, embellished with laser-etched brass plates, set stones and gold leaf with portraits of Allen Iverson and Michael Jordan.

#3 Gianni Lee


Gianni Lee is very much how we imagine ourselves an artist in 2017. Based in between Los-Angeles and New York, he works into all of the possible medias, painting his signature alien-looking skeletons on the walls, doors and trash cans from Brooklyn to Miami creating impressive massive trippy artworks. His personal exhibition Why Won’t You Hear Me? is currently open in Brooklyn, and even its trailer is worth a place in a museum.
Besides that, he is the one who stands behind successful clothing brand Babylon Cartel and a DJ at some of the coolest gigs all over the USA and is signed as an influencer to one of the best LA model agencies, Photogenics. Talent doesn’t have to be framed with no boundaries, we’d say. 

#4 Chloe Wise

The young New York-base artist Chloe Wise Chloe is one with amazing painting skills. She creates realistic portraits of inspiring people - including herself for the Literally Me series - besides directing videos and working with sculptures and installations.
Chloe already has an impressive list of exhibitions, including solo ones and appearance at last year's Miami Art Basel.

#5 Andru Sisson


Andru works in between LA and New York, and already celebrated the opening of his exhibition titled Black Privilege in Los Angeles. American painter is working in classical mediums and his work has been included in the Silverlake Conservatory alongside Damien Hirst, Dennis Hopper and Richard Prince. Bold paintings influenced by African traditional crafts and American politics, and we just want them to be hanging in our bedrooms.

#6 Bryant Giles


Bryant Giles is a Chicago-based artist with a massive social media following and impressive art that keeps your mind discover it over and over again. Every artwork is a little story, inspired by people, places, loneliness, love and emotions. He began to make clothes based on his paintings, and those pieces are pretty impressive too. Bryant is preparing his exhibition in Chicago, and we would say that’s just the beginning.