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The art of being Paul Pogba

Now you need to look at Pogba

The art of being Paul Pogba  Now you need to look at Pogba

Football doesn’t need normal people, but creators. Football needs passion, color, creativity and yes, also a little bit of madness. Football needs Paul Pogba.

He has never been a boring player, nor a boring character. Following the footsteps of a player like David Beckham, the newest red devil is becoming the frontman of a glorious sport brand like adidas, which is trying to identify the best athletes in the best professional leagues in the world. Such as Houston Rockets guard and NBA superstar James Harden, one of the most fashionable sports icons in the US.

Un video pubblicato da Paul Labile Pogba (@paulpogba) in data:

Both are involved in adidas' last campaign, “Sport needs creators”, together with many NBA, NFL and MLB champions. Pobga has been chosen to represent football among this great players, not bad for a 23 years old young man. With the perfect partnership between adidas and Manchester United, Pogba can became the next sport icon of the german brand, once Leo Messi has retired.

Just like Harden in the NBA, Paul is quickly overcoming the limits of the word “football player”, becoming something more. Besides the colorful hairstyles and the crazy outfits, something in the French midfielder is seducing the new generations, as only great sport icons can do. Pogba is a special player, both in and out the pitch. It doesn’t matter how excessive he is, he will always set the trend.

Pogba is the prototype of the next generation of football players, pushing towards markets, as the US, which even Messi and Ronaldo couldn’t reach. At 23, he’s already known all around the world for his style, as his Dab Dance celebration - borrowed from Carolina Panthers’ QB Cam Newton and NBA superstar LeBron James - which made him famous all around Italy and Europe.

Yesterday night he showed the world his brand new adidas Stellar Ace 16, a stunning brand new boots made for him by the german brand. Because he’d be a fashion and style icon, but most of all he’s a football players. And he’s here to win. Here to create.