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The new visual identity of Sparta Prague

'Our name has changed, our kit, our home, but we were'

The new visual identity of Sparta Prague  'Our name has changed, our kit, our home, but we were'

Sparta Prague have announced the change of their official coat of arms, which will be used by the Czech club from the 2021-2022 season. The new logo is the main chapter of Sparta Prague's new visual identity, which, as it explains on its website, is also the result of years of programming and work. The modification of the coat of arms will facilitate the communication of the club through a greater adaptability of the new design, manageable through multiple colors and, within the graphic innovation, also includes the modification of the company's font. The elaboration of the club's new aesthetic was developed by Prague graphic studio Go4Gold.

The new logo still involves the trait of the club's three colors - red, blue and yellow - in a small segment below the middle part of the design; the circle of the coat of arms is smaller and, instead of containing all the inscription 'AC Sparta Prague', it exhibits only the S of Sparta, with a black background, another of the traditional colors of the Czech club. The three stars of the titles won remain etched above the logo. The feature (which is also the goal of the club) is the adaptability of the logo on different colors and, as the club points out, there are marketing reasons behind the choice to resize the logo. 

The club's early announcement of the new visual identity is due to reasons of organization. In fact, already in recent weeks the club is working on the next marketing operations, the new jerseys and the insertion of the logo in the stadium stands, and therefore, the planning of Sparta Prague had to display the new logo this season. In a video posted by the club, the historical continuity of the team's sporting identity with its fans is underlined, so that although many things have changed in the history of the club, the identity with the fans will never change.