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Eleganza Football Tournament is on its way

The creative football tournament organized by Calcetto Eleganza

Eleganza Football Tournament is on its way The creative football tournament organized by Calcetto Eleganza

Calcetto Eleganza has shown in these years to know how football can be a stimulus for inclusiveness and the exchange of ideas, on and of the pitch. After having founded the first women's football community in Milan, Calcetto Eleganza is ready to launch Eleganza Football Tournament (EFT), an amateur football tournament that involves some of the most interesting creatives in the city.
EFT, which will be concentrated in the Lambrate district and will start for the Milan Design Week 2020, will consist of a male and a female tournament -composed of eight and five teams each - in which very different and far-flung realities will challenge each other from the passion for football and creativity.
In addition to the four Calcetto Eleganza teams (two of which are "Youth") the protagonists chosen for the first edition will be well-known faces on the Milan scene such as Burro Studio, Garage Italia, Retrosuperfuture and Formidabile Lambrate, but also more representative place of the cultural Milan’s tradition as Teatro alla Scala and Triennale Milano. In the women's tournament other teams are linked to the inclusiveness and liveliness of the city such as Ostello Bello and GESTO.

The tournament will take place every year and will be divided into two editions: Fall-Winter from October to January and Spring-Summer from April to June. A cadence that in Milan takes on a more important value than in any other Italian city. The link with Fashion Week also returns in the jerseys, made by Nike, personalized with the characteristic colors of each team and photographed in some of historic places of Milan.

Therefore, Eleganza Football Tournament is not a simple soccer tournament, different activities will be connected to sport such as DJ sets and film projections, hosted in the Formidable Lambrate multifunctional space and which will start in the months preceding the tournament. It starts on December 14th, with a friendly tournament at the Cimiano Sport Center in Sportland and a party at the Formidabile club.