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The new Inter "Made in Milano" capsule collection

A collection linked not only to the city but also to the snakeskin weave

The new Inter Made in Milano capsule collection A collection linked not only to the city but also to the snakeskin weave

Inter have unveiled a new limited edition collection for the first time produced in the Milan area and entitled "Made in Milano". The first drop released today consists of a sweatshirt, a t-shirt and a pair of shorts and focuses on the snakeskin motif, a characteristic element of the new season, present in the home shirt produced by Nike that after years has replaced the iconic Nerazzurri stripes. A pattern that for the Nerazzurri club is now a true monogram, something easily recognisable and highly identifiable like those used historically by fashion houses. Gucci or Louis Vuitton as well as other brands have based their aesthetics on the monogram and the various patterns that derive from it, in the same way Inter revolutionized its jersey this year and with this first drop seems to have taken the same path of the big maisons. The capsule collection, however, was also created to further strengthen the bond between the Nerazzurri Club and its city, already celebrated since the launch of the new logo accompanied by the narrative "I M" and subsequently also used to celebrate the Scudetto when Antonio Conte was at the helm of Inter. Not only "I M", the name of the collection plays on the wording Made in Italy, which becomes Made in Milano: the line of garments is in fact for the first time not only designed but also produced in Milan with the collaboration of Youth, parent company of the brands IUTER and Octopus Brand.

Today's is only the first drop, the intention of the Milanese club is to release other garments over the course of the season, subdivided into different releases, which will make up a new line of products with a fit and design designed for the younger generation. The aim of Inter, a little like Juventus did a few years ago with the Icon collection, is to communicate with a wider audience, in line with the new Inter brand, which from March with the new visual and graphic identity wants to become more and more culturally relevant both on and off the field.

The capsule collection is now available, here.