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Here's the new FIFA 20 updates

Street football and many changes: EA Sports has announced the first improvements of the new chapter of the videogame

Here's the new FIFA 20 updates Street football and many changes: EA Sports has announced the first improvements of the new chapter of the videogame

Well, it's the time of the year again: championships end, summer starts and, with its, even the countdown to the new FIFA chapter starts. The twenty-seventh EA Sports series' chapter, although it's still in the making, has allowed us to come in contact with its new nature, that once again wants to reach the top level of realism and incomparable game experience.

So with a note on their website, the Canadian producer of the world most sold football game has unveiled some improvements that will be on FIFA 20, according to the advice, the requests and the complaints of its big community composed by, as specified, professional players, regular players and occasional players.

The first changes are about defense, that starting from the next year will improve with a new defensive system and with some updates tackling, marking and one on one between strikes and goalkeeper systems related. EA decided to work hard on the artificial intelligence in defense because the defense itself was the weakest area according to the players.

Then, the shot and cross systems will receive important updates, the first one easied in situations where it's more difficult to commit mistakes (like the one vs one with the goalkeeper) and updated with a new time finalization system, the second ones have been made more inaccurate if done quick (the same work was done on shots).

The skill moves in series were done less consequential, with more possibilities to go wrong after the second skill move in a row, while markings in free kicks are now more logical and sensate, preventing the occurrence of situations where a shorter defender marks a taller striker. 

Finally, the use of the goalkeeper outside the box was made riskier, passes were updated, increasing their difficulty in hard contexts and vice versa but also adding the "soft" touches to prevent the opponents' tackles and improving the "give and go" tense passes with a teammate. Moreover, EA Sports confirms they are working on an upgrade of the player change at the aim of making it more quick and proper to prevent those situations in which the footballer runs behind a useless loose ball, and "are continuously at work on the game modes on the online area of the game".

Last Saturday, at the official presentation of the game, we had more confirms. A new game mode has been presented, VOLTA Football, which is a return to the old FIFA Street that finally became a part of FIFA. What's this about? It's about street football 3 vs 3, 4 vs 4, 5 vs 5 or futsal matches with players of every race and gender, played on makeshift pitches on the palaces' rooves, under the overpasses and in the suburbs of the world biggest cities, from Amsterdam to Tokyo. You will be able to play online but to play also a story mode, creating your own character as long as you clearly forget the football rules. No fouls, no offsides, just spectacle: this is VOLTA Football, a game mode that fans requested for years and they now finally obtained.

FIFA 20 will be available starting from September 27th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.