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Colonne Fashion Week

The new street style of Milan

Colonne Fashion Week The new street style of Milan
Laurent Bentil

The Columns of San Lorenzo, that huge space that connects the ancient Roman ruins to the square that overlooks the Basilica of San Lorenzo, has always been one of the liveliest and most interesting areas of Milan, one of the symbolic places of the city's nightlife, even in times of pandemics. This place that combines the past and the contemporary has witnessed the birth and growth of many trends and aesthetics, from emo to hipsters from skaters to hypebeasts. Even today, despite the curfew, the Columns remain a unique melting pot of faces, interests, origins and styles, mirroring a multifaceted aesthetic, ranging from hype and streetwear to the purest luxury. 

Laurent Bentil's images take us to the golden hour, to the Colonne at sunset, making us breathe that desire to have fun, drink a cold beer and ask a stranger for a cigarette.