Hawkins has landed in London

On the occasion of the release of the third season of Stranger Things, viewed by more than 40 million users in the first streaming hours, Netflix has joined forces with Coca-Cola to give life to an 80s- themed pop-up. The absolute protagonists are the arcade videogames, real icons of that decade, and the favourite game also of the characters of the series: in the Shoreditch pop-up, you can even play to the original Dragon's Liar, featured in the show. If you feel brave enough, you can venture in the Upside Down, accurately reproduced in the London space. Coca-Cola has moreover designed limited-edition cans enriched by an upside-down graphic, of course. 

The lens of Shezi Manezi takes us to the discovery of the Netflix and Coca-Cola pop-up in London. 

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