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Sony revealed the look of the new PlayStation 5

Along with a series of new games that will soon be available

Sony revealed the look of the new PlayStation 5 Along with a series of new games that will soon be available

UPDATE 12/06/2020: Yesterday afternoon, Sony revealed the hardware and graphics of the new PS5 model and its DualSense controller. As you can see from the reveal trailer released by Sony, the new console has a vertical design, decorated with two white curved panels on the sides and a blue interior lighting system. There will also be a minor version of the console, designed only for digital editions of the games and therefore without disk housing, which will be smaller but the details of which have not been revealed. Both will still have a Pulse 3D headset and a remote media controller.

In conjunction with the release of the reveal trailer, some games were also presented available for the console: Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Miles Morales, Gran Turismo 7, Resident Evil VIII: Village, NBA 2K21 and Hitman 3, among others.

Unofficial images of Sony's new PlayStation 5 dev kit, the best-performing console ever produced by Sony, have emerged online. Tom Warren of The Verge explained that its unusual "V" shape serves to prevent dev kits from overheating when stacked on each other during stress tests and to increase the computational capacity of the console.

The exact release date of the new PS5 has not yet been announced but it is known for sure that it will arrive during the winter holiday season. Stay connected to nss magazine for all updates.

At Sony's headquarters in Foster City (CA) last April great news has been announced regarding PlayStation.  In particular, the arrival of a new console, with 8K graphics, an expanded memory, and a new Virtual Reality viewer. Among the new features also the Ray Tracing, a technique to improve the effects of ambient light adopted recently only by Hollywood.
PlayStation has also formalized the name of the new console and the release date: PlayStation5 will be released between November and December 2020. The Ps4 was also launched in the same season, in 2013.
Another big news is that of the new controller, which will be similar to the DualShock4 of the Ps4, with sensors that will allow an experience that is not only visual but increasingly immersive and realistic.
As for the design, nothing has been announced yet, but in August LetsGoDigital published a preview of what could be Ps5.

The scenario that the futuristic console in the photo may be the new PlayStation finds some confirmation. The design was registered last August 13 at the World Intellectual Property Office, in class 14.02, or that of the "Devices for processing data and connected peripherals". The patent may have been signed by Yushuiro Ootori, Technical Director of Sony.

We'll see, meanwhile, according to rumors, the price of the new console should be around 500 euros.