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5 things to do this week end in Paris

From 24th to 26th of may

5 things to do this week end in Paris From 24th to 26th of may

As Friday afternoon gives way to evening, Paris awakens to a new freedom. The historically rich streets slow their frantic pace, inviting residents to enjoy the onset of the weekend. Cafés come to life, green spaces resonate with laughter, and the banks of the Seine fill with walkers seeking a romantic escape. It's the start of a weekend rich in culture, gastronomy, and relaxation, a welcome break in the whirlwind of urban life. Now is the time to unwind, and here are some ideas to fully enjoy these two days in the City of Light.

Where to eat - Lolo Bistrot

Last calls for Lolo Bistrot this May, a restaurant that has always embodied French bistro cuisine with an ambiance that elegantly blends rustic and modern. Nestled in a picturesque quarter of the capital, this bistro stands out for its warm welcome and intimate atmosphere, making each meal a friendly and relaxed experience. The "Lolobistrot" menu is a vibrant tribute to local products, highlighting seasonal ingredients from local producers. The dishes, while simple in appearance, reveal a complexity of flavors that testify to the chef's expertise. From starter to dessert, each recipe is prepared with precision that delights the palate, offering a fresh interpretation of traditional French cuisine. Make sure to visit them one last time before they close on June 1st!

53 Rue du Faubourg Poissonnière, 75009 Paris, France

To discover - Through our minds

“Through our minds”, a project by Njeri Njuguna, Bakton Njuguna, and Julie Meyer, who come together to present through a book, an experience of 85 photos paired with sounds to transport you into the universe of each memory, photo, moment. Find them in the heart of the capital, in the Marais, to discover their book which will uniquely and timelessly mark the "Through my mind" exhibition conducted 6 months earlier by photographer Njeri Njuguna. "Portraits are extended hands, Njeri captures the emotion, the laughter. Tears of joy this morning, having breakfast. It was a beautiful day. We have fun in a smile. That of friends, acquaintances, strangers, and in that of Bakton, twin brother, best friend, soulmate. In this edition, the exhibition “Through my mind” becomes “Through our minds”. Here, each photo evokes, reveals the sensation of a moment. Bakton meticulously searches for it, one by one, and transcribes it with a piece."

24/05 6:30PM - 10PM  /  25-26th 11AM - 8PM

6 rue Juliette Récamier 75007 Paris

Where to have fun - Boiler Room Paris

Boiler Room returns to Paris this week during their world tour from Friday to Sunday. This international event, iconic for its revolutionary concept of streaming live DJ sessions and electronic performances from often unusual and intimate locations, was born in 2010 in London. This platform quickly gained popularity, attracting renowned artists and music lovers from all over the world. Boiler Room sessions are characterized by their raw and immersive atmosphere, where the camera, often placed in close proximity to the DJs, captures every detail of their art, thus creating a palpable connection between the artist and the listener. With a presence in dozens of countries and a massive online community, Boiler Room symbolizes the globalization of club culture and continues to be a valuable showcase for underground music.

Address: (Not yet announced)

Where to shop - Archive Sale Y/Project

Y/Project is a contemporary fashion brand based in Paris, known for its avant-garde and experimental approach to fashion. Under the creative direction of Glenn Martens since 2013, Y/Project has been lauded for its innovation and unique style that often challenges traditional fashion norms. The collections blend historical influences with contemporary cuts, with particular attention to detail and construction. This weekend, Y/Project is hosting an archive sale in Paris, offering a rare opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to get their hands on pieces from previous collections. These events are popular among fashion aficionados for their exclusive nature and the chance to acquire unique items at reduced prices. The archive sale is also an opportunity for the brand to make room for new collections while offering fans a dive into its rich creative heritage.

14 Rue d’Uzes, 75002 Paris, France

Where to party - The Dance Hall at Pamela

A night of musical fusion, a night where love and the power of music unite people, with a mix of DJs boasting a unique catalog. The Dance Hall, an event celebrating music without genre boundaries, invites you to its first edition to be held on May 24, 2024, from midnight at Pamela, in Paris. Get ready for a unique experience where exceptional DJs will transport you away from your everyday life to the rhythm of hybrid sounds. Created to break down musical genre boundaries, The Dance Hall is a space where attendees can gather, dance, and be swept away by varied musical selections as DJs have complete freedom over what they want to play. "Our vision is to create a positive atmosphere where curiosity and escapism are at the heart of the musical experience, allowing everyone to let go without fear of judgment," states Sasha Smekhov (@restonsflex), the event’s founder.

62 Rue Mazarine, 75006 Paris, France