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The curse of the Paris Saint Germains In Champions League

A dream collapses again

The curse of the Paris Saint Germains In Champions League A dream collapses again

The curse of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) in the Champions League is a tale that has haunted the club for many years. Despite massive investment in purchasing world-renowned players like Di Maria (€63M), Neymar (€222M), Mbappé (€50M/year), and building an impressive team, PSG has consistently failed to achieve its ultimate goal: winning the Champions League. Premature eliminations, often under dramatic circumstances, have created an atmosphere of a "curse" around their European campaigns.

Yesterday, a new dark chapter was added to the club's history when they were eliminated in the semi-finals by Borussia Dortmund. This match, marked by intensity and tension, saw PSG take the lead before collapsing in the second half, letting a seemingly within-reach victory slip away. Individual mistakes and tactical decisions have been pointed out, fueling criticisms of the club's ability to handle pressure in crucial moments. It was a disappointment for Kylian Mbappé who has been filled with disillusionment during his 7 years at PSG and has never achieved his dream of a European title with Paris Saint-Germain. It remains to be seen where the club legend will turn next season but all eyes are on Real Madrid.

This recent elimination is symptomatic of PSG's recurring difficulties in the Champions League, where high expectations regularly clash with painful disappointments. Fans and analysts wonder if PSG will ever break this curse and achieve the European glory that always seems to elude them at the last moment. The debate continues on what is necessary for PSG to overcome these psychological and tactical obstacles to finally win the coveted trophy.