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5 things to do in Paris this weekend

From 19 to 21 April

5 things to do in Paris this weekend From 19 to 21 April

In the blink of an eye, the week is coming to an end, and here comes the weekend looming on the horizon. In parallel, spring has made its grand return to put an end to our winter woes. It's time to enjoy the mild temperatures and the long days by venturing out of your cocoon. More than ever, the streets are buzzing with activities to satisfy all tastes. Discover now what the city has in store for you this weekend.

Where to eat - Sobremesa

In Portuguese, "Sobremesa" evokes the art of prolonging pleasure around a table, that moment when one savors coffee and digestives, where guests linger at the table to exchange and chat. This is precisely the experience that this bar and eatery in the 18th arrondissement of Paris offers its guests. As soon as you walk through the door, you are welcomed into a setting with raw but warm decor where a friendly and relaxed atmosphere prevails. Emilien and Marie, the owners, foster closeness with their customers, offering them attentive and personalized service that encourages you to come back again and again. Their fusion cuisine, inspired by their travels and roots, invites you to discover Vietnamese, French, Italian flavors, and many more. Each dish combines freshness and passion while reflecting their commitment to authentic and flavorful cuisine. Here, natural wine reigns supreme, the result of meticulous research, favoring independent winemakers and exceptional vintages. No pretension, just a shared passion for wine and gastronomy. And to accompany this feast for the senses, a tailor-made playlist completes the experience, transporting you throughout the evening.

127 Rue Caulaincourt, 75018 Paris

To Discover - Galerie Sato

Japanese artist Takeru Amano makes his grand return to Paris with an exhibition titled "IMA," from April 19 to May 12 at the Galerie Sato in the 3rd arrondissement. He is renowned for his ability to merge classical, philosophical, and mythical elements with the colorful and playful style of pop art, an aesthetic he himself conceptualized as "NEW ART". Son of Yoshitaka Amano, famous for his work on the visual universe of the Final Fantasy video game series, Takeru grew up in an environment imbued with art and creativity. Inspired by late 20th-century Japanese culture, he developed a distinctive artistic style that earned him international recognition. "IMA," which means "now" in Japanese, is not just a chic title; it's an invitation to fully experience the present moment. During this exhibition, you will discover a patchwork of works representing Amano's artistic diversity, with portraits featuring Venus icons, reimagined still lifes, and moving landscapes. A must-see: a sculpture of Venus entirely carved in wood, the result of a collaboration with the brand ASICS.

58 Rue Charlot, 75003 Paris

Where to chill - Record Store Day

Record Store Day, or Disquaire Day, returns this Saturday, April 20, 2024. Since 2011, Record Store Day has been celebrating the passion for vinyl by organizing an annual day dedicated to independent record stores, highlighting their essential role in promoting and disseminating music. Vinyl enthusiasts can rejoice because this day promises an exciting musical treasure hunt. It offers the opportunity to get your hands on nearly 200 exclusive, rare, or collector's editions, available exclusively at a selection of independent record stores in Paris and the Paris region. But that's not all: beyond vinyl records, the event also offers a rich program of showcases, DJ sets, signings, and other musical activities, turning each participating store into a veritable temple of music culture. Between musical discoveries and a friendly atmosphere, this day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate vinyl culture in all its diversity and the growing enthusiasm for this way of consuming music.

Where to shop - FORMA

Attention all creatives in Paris and beyond! For the first time, FORMA opens the doors of its studio to host an exclusive event: the Forma Sample Sale. For one weekend only, everyone is invited to discover their universe infused with creativity, sharing, and authentic connections. More than just a clothing brand, FORMA presents itself as a collaborative platform, offering a carefully curated selection of clothing, art objects, and design items, all available in limited editions with a selection that is regularly renewed. But its commitment goes beyond simply selling products: a portion of the proceeds is donated to their own foundation, which financially supports artists worldwide by funding their education and providing support for essential needs such as food and housing. Behind this initiative are Rae Boxer, a renowned stylist and consultant based in New York and Paris, and Etienne Derœux, a fashion designer and artistic director known for his work with iconic brands such as Nike and Adidas Originals. Together, in business and in life, they share a common vision for responsible and committed creation. The event lives up to its name: "Tell your friends," an invitation to join the FORMA community over a drink, a minute of shopping, or a conversation.

100 rue de la Folie Méricourt, 75011 Paris

Where to club - La Machine du Moulin Rouge

Tonight, to the delight of all, 99Ginger once again takes over La Machine du Moulin Rouge as part of their residency in this iconic venue of Parisian nightlife. For four and a half years, the collective has enlivened Parisian nights and created a true community by ingeniously blending different musical genres, such as amapiano, acid jazz, house, afrobeat, and UK sounds. Born out of a desire to fully represent the Parisian underground scene, Kirou, KCIV, Nadia Keira, Ava, Vanna, Gabriel, and Clarisse Prévost have successfully met their challenge. For this special occasion, they have enlisted their favorite DJ comrades, including @crystallmess, @lil_silva,, @dre_tala, @hagan_uk, and @yawyqj. Advice: if tickets are not already sold out, rush to the online box office now.

90 Bd de Clichy, 75018 Paris