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5 things to do in Paris this weekend

From March 29th to April 1st

5 things to do in Paris this weekend From March 29th to April 1st

In the blink of an eye, the week is drawing to a close, and here comes the weekend on the horizon. In parallel, spring makes its grand return to put an end to our winter woes. It's time to enjoy the mild temperatures, longer days, and this three-day weekend by venturing out of your cocoon. If the streets seemed deserted lately, they are buzzing again with activities to satisfy every taste. Discover now what the city has in store for you this Easter weekend.

Where to eat - Floréal Belleville

Located at the foot of Parc de Belleville, the Floréal restaurant catches the eye with its vibrant blue Art Nouveau facade and its interior featuring trendy industrial decor, adorned with vintage touches. With a friendly and cozy atmosphere, this place aims to be a true arty refuge in the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Taking over this historically rich place, Lara and Alexis Ossipovski, natives of the neighborhood, have given new life to the former property of a collective of committed photographers. Their vision? To create a hybrid space, halfway between a bar, a restaurant, and a cultural space, where gastronomy and art blend. Floréal's main goal is to support young creators and showcase emerging talents, while offering delicious dishes at affordable prices. By emphasizing the use of local and short-circuit products in the kitchen, Floréal also commits to respecting the environment and supporting local producers. Every first of the month, the restaurant's menu is renewed with the arrival of different chefs, since last Tuesday, chef Melissandre Tran Thi has been leading the kitchen to delight the neighborhood's taste buds.

43 Rue des Couronnes, 75020 Paris

What to discover - Parsons

The "DESIRE" exhibition marks the return of the 6th edition of the Printing Fashion festival at Parsons School of Design. This edition focuses on the concept of "Desire," exploring its various facets through debates and conferences offering a rich space for discussions through the prism of printed media and fashion. Key contributors to the field will participate in these exchanges, addressing topics such as the aspiration conveyed by images, the commodification of bodies in fashion media, or the relationship between sexuality and aesthetics in specialized press. The festival takes place this Friday, March 29, 2024, from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM. On the program, debates led by industry professionals, such as "A Desire for the Past" with representatives from Galerie Dior and Dior Heritage, or "Sexuality and Erotic Aesthetics" in the presence of specialists from Shy Guy and Erotic Review. In addition, masterclasses will be offered, including one led by Vogue's Alessia Glaviano.

45 Rue Saint-Roch, 75001 Paris

Where to chill - Gallery

The workshop led by Mathilde Gullaud at 19M Gallery offers a true immersion into the world of creation, where art, design, and fashion meet. As both a designer and exhibition scenographer, she will guide participants in making seamless textile surfaces from fabric scraps and rings. This approach allows participants to create personalized accessories such as shoulder pads, cuffs, or necklaces to customize their clothes. These workshops run parallel to the Figure Libre exhibition by Stephane Ashpool at 19M Gallery, a space dedicated to contemporary art and creative expression, fostering exchanges and artistic discoveries.

2 Pl Skanderbeg, 75019 Paris

Where to shop - L'épicerie

After more than 8 successful pop-ups, L’épicerie has finally decided to open its own space, offering its loyal community and vintage enthusiasts a place to find unique and iconic pieces. With much-awaited opening, the boutique at 68 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth promises to be a true sanctuary for fashion lovers, where each visitor is invited to discover a carefully curated selection of vintage clothing from the most coveted brands. We've been there firsthand and noticed the presence of iconic pieces lining the racks. From Stone Island, CP Company to Marithé-François Girbaud and Prada, each piece carries a story. Whether to find your holy grail or simply to feed your curiosity, L’épicerie opens its doors to welcome fashion enthusiasts from all walks of life. Judging by the success of their various pop-ups, we anticipate a grand opening, advice: go as early as possible.

68 Rue Notre Dame de Nazareth, 75003 Paris

Where to club - La Créole

It's time! La Créole is back at La Machine du Moulin Rouge for a colorful and cardio-filled night. Since 2018, the La Créole collective has been energizing Parisian nights with its parties dedicated to celebrating Creole cultures, thus making a unique contribution to the capital's clubbing scene. This group quickly gained attention beyond borders, with mentions in renowned publications such as the New York Times and Dazed & Confused, which hailed its growing influence in the Parisian landscape. At the origin of this movement lies an artistic project initiated by French photographer Fanny Viguier and Guadeloupean fashion designer Vincent Frédéric Colombo. Through their work, they explore the richness and complexity of Creole identity, seeking both to understand and deconstruct it, using photography, fashion, and music as means of expression. At the heart of their parties are three fundamental elements: dance, sound fusion, and the eclecticism of the audience they welcome with kindness and without distinction. Inspired by Édouard Glissant's philosophy of creolization, they embrace chaos as the essence of their identity, allowing cultures to freely interact and nourish each other to continually create something new. If you're looking for a one-of-a-kind evening where everyone can express themselves freely and dance uninhibitedly, don't hesitate for a second longer and get your presales. You'll thank us later!

90 Bd de Clichy, 75018 Paris