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Is Travis Scott the secret star of Harmony Korine's new film?

All the clues and rumours

Is Travis Scott the secret star of Harmony Korine's new film? All the clues and rumours

UPDATE 25.07.23: After rumors a few days ago, comes the officialdom about Harmony Korine's new film starring protagonist Travis Scott. "Aggro Dr1ft," the film directed by the American director, will make its debut at the upcoming Mosta Internazionale del Cinema di Venezia in the Out of Competition category. In addition to the rapper, the cast also includes Spanish actor Jordi Molla in what has been described as a feature-length action film «shot entirely in infrared.»


Following the success of The Idol, perhaps due to the myriad of controversies that Sam Levinson's series and The Weekend's acting debut have generated, Harmony Korine appears to have chosen a musician to star in his new film for A24. Rumour has it that this will be Travis Scott, who is currently on an international tour but has hinted several times in recent months that we will hopefully see him on the big screen soon.

The Film Stage reports that the project is an action film «shot entirely in infrared». The rumours match Scott's recent Instagram Stories showing armour, weapons, masks and Korine himself. In addition, Scott's Cactus Jack Films has announced a partnership with A24 in August 2021, and the artist has also confirmed that he has written a script that appears to be titled Utopia, the same title as his next album. No official updates have been given on the project, but according to Hype Beast, Metrograph has also announced that the «only screening of a very special director's new secret project» will take place next weekend, but it remains to be seen if it will be Korine and Scott's film.