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TikTok wants to charge you to watch videos

But not all, only some

TikTok wants to charge you to watch videos But not all, only some

TikTok is allegedly about to enable creators to insert a paywall (a system that only allows access to certain content for a fee). According to The Information, this new feature, now in the works, will serve to expand TikTok's shopping area, a project created to increase the app's revenues. The publication explains that the new paywall will only be available to a limited number of creators, who will be able to charge a price of their choice to people who want to access one of their videos. It is not yet clear who will be given access to this new feature.

An app that in recent years has seen exponential growth, TikTok has been looking for alternative ways to expand its revenue numbers for some time now, as abnormal drops in user numbers have been recorded in recent months, especially in America. Along with the potential entry of the paywall feature, the platform is in fact also working on making the rewards for video creators more appealing. By renewing the Creator Fund, (the fund with which the app rewards content creators), TikTok will increase its totality with a new allocation that could pay individual creators more, give users with at least 100,000 followers access to it, and compensate those who post longer videos more.