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Making readers think is the Lifewear by Uniqlo manifesto

LifeWear is the print magazine that chronicles the brand's mission

Making readers think is the Lifewear by Uniqlo manifesto LifeWear is the print magazine that chronicles the brand's mission

LifeWear, Uniqlo's print magazine, is now in its seventh issue under the editorial direction of Takahiro Kinoshita. Treating the paper as an extension of the Japanese brand in an issue that takes on the theme of clothing classics, Kinoshita has stamped black-on-white a journey that starts in Japan, travels through France, and arrives in England. «Advertisements can only appeal to one aspect of a brand, but I think a magazine has the potential to create a much deeper connection with readers through a process of anthologizing thoughts and images. I think this is why there are still many brands that have not given up on magazines as a medium», Kinoshita told us.

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The choice to give way to paper responds to a specific need, that of leaving a mark that can more concretely oppose the overbearing of time. «Maybe I'm part of the old school, the one that grew up with magazines, but I think the best thing about paper magazines is the sense of security that comes from existing as physical objects. Sure, there are a lot of good things in digital media as well, but to use an analogy, no matter how many photos of your dog you save on your phone, there is always the fear that one day it will all disappear without your knowledge. It is much more difficult, however, to lose a photographic print of your dog stored in your notebook», Kinoshita told us. A perspective that, however radical it may be, does not rule out a migration to digital: «LifeWear magazine also has a digital version. We do our best to include digital articles and videos in every issue, and you can also read Haruki Murakami's past articles. We plan to improve this digital version in the future as well." Paper and digital, in fact, rather than being sworn enemies in the field of storytelling, should work in synergy on communicating a brand's narrative. «We don't just sell clothes. Our goal is to enrich everyone's life through clothing and create a more comfortable and livable society. This means, of course, that we need to think about what underlies an enriched life. There are many articles in LifeWear magazine that are not directly related to our products, but we think it is important to really understand the perspective of customers and share information that is relevant to how they live their lives . A good article for our magazine is one that makes readers think or can come to have an influence on their behavior after reading. That's what's important».

The culture of print publishing, in effect, responds to the need to provide perspectives beyond the instantaneousness of digital media to accommodate reflections that can stimulate interests outside the ordinary. «This is where print differs significantly from digital news websites. Moreover, when I read magazines and newspapers, I often find myself intrigued by articles that I previously thought were of no interest. I do not intend to reject digital media altogether. There are many advantages in digital media, such as the fact that things can reach many people at the same time». Beyond the obvious diversity that the medium can represent and the richness that can come from the wisdom imprinted on paper, «I think magazines should continue to function and shine as an exceptional medium». This marriage of old and new-paper and digital-found in the exploration of the classic wardrobe a clothing pretext for reflecting on the meaning of contemporary clothing. «I do the magazine for readers, so I don't wish it to have an impact on publishing or fashion. Instead, I would be more than satisfied if someone, visiting one of the UNIQLO stores around the world, found a copy of the magazine, read one of its articles, and felt something positive. If he or she then finds an interview in LifeWear magazine satisfying, I personally think that is better than any flashy advertising campaign», concluded Kinoshita.

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In order to reflect on the links between different media and the opportunities related to brand journalism, we asked four content creators to produce content aimed at exploring the most recent issue of LifeWear. The talents involved were: Letizia Schätzinger, Valentina Abate, Noemi Tarantini, and Gioele.