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K-Way identity in the works of Cyril Lancelin

A pyramid and lines to rediscover the K-Way logo

K-Way identity in the works of Cyril Lancelin A pyramid and lines to rediscover the K-Way logo

The dialog between K-Way and artist Cyril Lancelin was sparked by a shared predisposition to view the world from a creative yet perfectly functional perspective. «I like K-Way's idea of looking at design as a kind of puzzle to be solved in the most original way possible. I remember playing with my K-Way as a kid, and I especially loved the buckle closure. I like to play with things and when I design, I try to go around everything. I focus on the creative process, not the design itself», Cyril, the French artist and architect known for sealing an essentialist poetics of matter and space, told us. 

It is a narrative of the environment that constantly overturns the basic forms of design - squares, circles, triangles, spheres or cylinders - to create experimental living spaces with great esthetic impact. Hence the idea to create two concept designs to retrace the heritage of the brand, which has been the concept of occasionality at the heart of its creative testament. «I want the audience to be part of the sculpture, it's a dialog. In an immersive artwork, the viewer is transported to different places and gets lost, becoming a point of reference at the same moment. For K-Way, I wanted to design a pyramid as a corridor in which the height varies, in which the viewer looks in all directions and finds himself in a different place with each step forward as he approaches the center of the structure», the French artist revealed to us. Blue, white and red are the colors formed by the corners of the K and W at the base of the pyramid to draw a kind of the immersive labyrinth in which to experience the K-Way brand logo. The interweaving of modules, conceived as the pattern of two combs coming together, symbolizes K-Way's iconic zipper and is made of inflatable fabric, a cult in Cyril's aesthetic imagination marked by recyclable and lightweight materials. 

In an instant, the boundaries between reality and imagination slowly fade away. And we come to the second work: «I wanted the second sculpture to be inspired by the K-Way logo. The K and W are letters with lines forming triangles, but they do more by converging on a multiplicity of perspectives that the viewer's mind inevitably goes to». At the heart of this sculpture is the desire to try to give form to kinetic energy, playing on the intersections of shadows and light that immerse the viewer in a surreal atmosphere. It is reciprocity that animates the spirit of this collaboration between K-Way and Cyril: «I discovered K-Way as a brand when I was a child. I have always been fascinated by the K-Way logo, its lines, and its colors. In my previous works, I played a lot with fabrics and colors, but I had never dealt with aesthetic imagery where the idea of wearability is driving.

The famous K-Way zipper has always struck me, I like it when shapes overlap. In the pyramid, not surprisingly, you can see how the shapes overlap and the colors blend». Logo, colors, and immersion are the narrative cornerstones of this new chapter written together by K-Way and Cyril. «This sense of continuous forward tension and the ability to bring to life a concept of iconic classicism is what I would like to take away from this collaboration. I believe that the link between art, design, and fashion is kept alive by a bridge poised between exploration and feeling. But without curiosity, it would not be possible to draw or design anything. And it is the latter that keeps the conjunction between me and K-Way firmly in place», Cyril concluded.