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All the craziness of fans to see Johnny Depp in court

And someone even brought two alpacas "to make him smile"

All the craziness of fans to see Johnny Depp in court And someone even brought two alpacas to make him smile

From her alleged cheating with James Franco, Cara Delevingne and Elon Musk (sometimes simultaneously) to tutorials on how to hide a bruise with makeup, each new detail emerging from the ongoing libel trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is more disturbing than the last. But among the many controversial aspects of America's most-watched court case is surely Depp's fan club: thousands of screaming people holding signs of support, hoping to be among the 100 'lucky' ones to attend the depositions. Certainly, between the frenzy of adoring fans outside the courthouse, the popcorn emojis in the livestream chats of the trial, and the mocking reenactment videos of Heard's testimony on TikTok, without the context of a courtroom, one would not think that individuals waving and cheering merrily would be out of a trial centered on allegations of domestic and sexual violence.

@bovinjoe Fans shout at Amber Heard ("Why you gotta poop on the bed?") and cheer Johnny Depp #johnnydepp #amberheard original sound - </3

If for the first part of the trial the uproar was mainly online, when the TikTok and YouTube channels previously focused on math and engineering tutorials turned into accounts dedicated to «funny clips from court,» this time the madness is also physical. After a pause in the trial last week, Heard returned to testify, wreaking havoc among Depp's fans: according to TMZ, fans began lining up at 10 p.m. Sunday for Monday's 9 a.m. trial, so much so that it fell to court officials to post a sign stating that «spectators in line for Johnny Depp and Amber Heard's case are not allowed to loiter or camp out in the court complex before 1 a.m.»

@bovinjoe “Amber, why you gotta poop on the bed?”, Depp supporters shout at Amber Heard as she leaves courthouse #amberheard #johnnydepp Face Dance - Funny Tok

People at the gates are scrambling for a chance to be among the 100 or so lucky ones allowed to enter the courtroom as spectators of the trial, grabbing one of the 100-150 wristbands available for entry into the room. People spoke with one Depp fan who said she took «a whole year off» from work and spent about $30,000 in travel expenses to attend the trial, while another admitted to spending about $2,200 to buy new clothes to wear to court. Among the more absurd stories, an honorable mention certainly goes to the gentleman who brought two alpacas to the Fairfax County Courthouse, hoping «they might brighten Mr. Depp's day.»