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Kendall Jenner has deleted her Instagram account

When will she reactivate it?

Kendall Jenner has deleted her Instagram account When will she reactivate it?

Has Kendall Jenner deleted her Instagram account?

So it seems. In fact, on Sunday morning her more than 68 million followers who tried to visit her account found the words "Sorry, this page is not available."

Farewell to selfies, #freethenipple, sexy shots or parties images with friends Gigi and Bella HadidHailey Baldwin or Karlie Kloss? Farewell to the pictures with the beloved sister Kylie and with the rest of the famous family?

No warning about what was going to happen, even if it is true that Kim Kardashian's little sister has received harsh criticism for her work recently, in particular for a Vogue Spain editorial in which she played a ballet dancer. The charge? Mortifying the art of ballet with her movements, insulting professionals who devote a lifetime to dance with sacrifice.

According to several rumors, her haters' negative comments and the fact that the stalker who was persecuting the model has been acquitted are the most likely reasons behind her sudden absence from Instagram.

But there's another theory: that her farewell is only temporary, a kind of detox break from social media.

In support of this thought, Kendall recently said she occasionally needed to delete her Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat from her phone for a couple of days.

So, for her many fans there's still hope.

While waiting for Kendall's account to be back, you can take a look at some of her old Instagram shots.


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