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The 5 best couples in Cannes history

From the '90s until today

The 5 best couples in Cannes history From the '90s until today

Sometimes the partner becomes the best accessory, the most beautiful, the most envied. At least if you're a star on the red carpet. Fabulous dresses and jewels help, but a man or a woman you love next to you even more.

The perfect place to test this theory is Cannes Film Festival. Here the French effortless chic meets the American glamour.

Some images remain unforgettable: Romy Schneider and Alain Delon, Brigitte Bardot and her husband-director Roger Vadim, Yoko Ono and John Lennon in the '60s, Jack Nicholson and Anjelica Huston or Franco Nero and Vanessa Redgrave (her jumpsuit looked like a piece designed by Raf Simons for Dior).

Milla Jovovich in '95 with Luc Besson? And Angelina Jolie holding hands with Brad in an Atelier Versace dress in 2011 and pregnant in green in 2008? O Blake Lively in Gucci alongside Ryan Reynolds for the premiere of Captives - Prisoners in 2104? If this year the most elegant ones are George Clooney and Amal in Atelier Versace, Jimmy Choo shoes and Cartier jewelry, our favourites are others. Curious?

Here’s our top 5 of the coolest couples seen on Cannes red carpet over the years.


#1 Kate Moss and Johnny Depp (1998)

The it couple have of the ‘90s. Beautiful, bloody, passionate and successful. Theirs is love at first sight. They meet in February 1994 at Tabac Café in New York and split up four years later.

In the middle? Passion, drugs, champagne, furious quarrels, devastated hotel rooms and hundreds of images, one cooler than the other, depicting them together.

He remembers her as "a great, beautiful, sweet, pure girl" while she claims to have cried for years. "No one ever really took care of me" said Kate, "but Johnny succeeded in this for a while. I believed him. If I asked him: "What do I do?" He told me so. And I really missed that when it's over. I missed the confrontation with someone I trusted. A nightmare, years and years of tears. Oh, how many tears".


#2 Vincent Gallo and Chloe Sevigny (2003)

Certainly the most indie couple ever seen in Cannes in recent years. They arrive at the Festival to present the road movie The Brown Bunny, the second work by Gallo as a director of which Chloë is the protagonist.

Story of a motorcyclist who goes on the road with his car in search of the only woman he truly loves, it is remembered for a long sequence of real oral sex.

The film received many boos and film critic Roger Ebert called it "the worst movie in Cannes history". The director does not take it well, he wishes Elbert colon cancer and calls him "fat pig with the body of a slave trader".

The relationship between Miss Sevigny and the author of Buffalo '66 ends then, or as he said, it has never existed off set. "Chloe and I were never engaged. In 1995 we went out once in Paris", he told Page Six, adding "I think Chloe has suggested that we have been engaged to reduce the boldness of her performance... and to portray herself as a devout girl and a victim, rather than a great radical artist".


#3 Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg (1974)

More than one couple. A legend. Together for 13 years, they met in 1968 on the set of the film Slogan, love each other passionately, have a daughter, Charlotte, scandalised the world by recording the sensual Je t'aime... moi non plus, and the masterpiece Historie de Melody Nelson.


#4 Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman (2014)

They go back to Cannes twenty years after the Palme d'Or for Pulp Fiction. Quentin and Uma, in yellow like Kill Bill’s protagonist, joke with each other and, in front of the rest of the Pulp cast and reporters, recall one of the most memorable scenes in film history: the twist between Vincent Vega and Mia Wallace to the tune of Chuck Berry’s You never can tell. Amazing.


#5 Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson (2012)

2012. Diane is in Cannes for the premiere of Killing them softly, beautiful in a white dress by Nina Ricci, Joshua at her side. Wherever they go, from Coachella to the red carpet, they are always stylish, unable to miss a look.

Despite the recent rumours of a rupture caused by The Walking Dead actor Norman Reedus, theirs is a happy marriage. Their first date? A disaster.

He’s thinks he asked me out on a date, which is not true, because I did not agreed to that. I agreed to have drinks with him,’ said the blonde stunner. ‘I actually had plans with someone else for dinner, so I know I didn’t say yes to dinner. We were sitting at the bar, and it’s nine o’clock, and I’m ready to leave,’ the actress told O’Brien. ‘And he was like, ‘Let’s go, we have dinner reservations. And I felt really bad because he looked very eager and he put on a clean shirt. And so I was like, ‘Ok, fine. Let’s go.’ He took me to this romantic place, which is kind of awkward when I think of it... It was a little intense,’ revealed Kruger.

It was overgrown with beautiful flowers, to which I had a huge allergic reaction…like really, really bad. I was sneezing and coughing and my eyes were watery,’ recalled the Inglourious Basterds star. I thought he might say, ‘Let’s call it a day. I’ll bring you home.’ And of course not. He talkedabout himself for an hour and a half. Nonstop. He took me back to my hotel in his car, which was a piece of sh*t. Excuse me, but it was. The door was eaten by his dog, it smelled so bad…if you know Josh, you know he was not the tidiest of guys, so trust me, it was not cute,’ laughed Kruger".