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What does a fashion PR actually do?

Interview with Libertà Errani @Starworks Group

What does a fashion PR actually do? Interview with Libertà Errani @Starworks Group

What does a fashion PR do? His/her activities are numerous but often ignored by many. They organise memorable events, they take care of the image of a brand and determine its media reputation, they decide who sits next to who at fashion shows and are always social and smiling to everyone.

Following Oscar Wilde’s philosophy expressed in his popular The Portrait of Dorian Gray – “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about" – PRs always do their best to make their brand appear in the news, and if the news is positive, then the mission is fully accomplished.

We met Libertà Errani, Account Executive who is responsible for the communication of brands Lacoste, Schiaparelli, Moynat and Pinko at Starworks Group, London. In this interview she unveils the secrets to succeed in this profession, and her plan B in case all this should come to an end.


1. Hi Libertà, can you tell us about your background? How did you become a fashion PR?

I started my career doing many internships - initially especially in fashion magazines - until I had the opportunity to move to NYC thanks to Bocconi University to undertake an internship at KCD, one of the most important fashion PR and production agencies in the world. I must be honest: after this first experience I had promised myself that I would have never worked in the fashion PR field and instead, after a series of cases and coincidences - here I am.

2. Tell us about your daily routine.

My day normally starts at my desk at 9 am, when I begin to "skim" all the e-mails received overnight from the US (Starworks Group has also offices in NYC and LA). This can be followed by meetings and conference calls with our customers or showrooom appointments with editors and stylists, accompanied by the usual unending flux of e-mails for sample requests, credits, etc.

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3. Which is the most exciting part of your job?

Surely the organisation of events and fashion shows during fashion weeks. Not to mention the fact that you can travel to some of the most vibrant and cosmopolitan cities in the world like Paris or New York, or working with leading staff in fashion, music, film or art. It's always nice to be able to match business and pleasure.

4. Is there a particular brand you would like to be responsible for?

I must admit I am a great admirer of Prada and Miu Miu aesthetics. At the same time I would really love to work even for avant-garde brands like Acne Studios, Comme des Garçons or Vetements.

5. Which are the characteristics a brand should have to make it in 2016?

I think nowadays every brand tries to create its own strong message and a precise identity which differs from the others. An example could be Roksanda, known for her use of strong colours and a permanent link to the world of art and architecture, or the discreet and lo-profile luxury of Céline.

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6. What lies behind the success of an event?

Definitely a good mix of guests and atmosphere. The location and the concept behind the event are also crucial factors. The presence of a helpful staff and impeccable PR support are other very important elements.

7. Can you reveal us the secrets for being a good PR?

A lot of experience, the desire to always discover something new, and always smile.

8. What advice would you give to the young boys/girls who want to undertake your same professional path?

Enriching their background of experience as much as possible. Do not be discouraged from the number of internships they will have to do because this will do nothing but expand their network of connections. Always be ready to help your team and working "long hours". Many people outside the industry see our work as a privileged role, but they don’t realise all the hard work that lies behind what we offer with our services.

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9. Is there a city you would like to live in apart from London?

Probably another fashion capital like Paris, Milan or NYC. Or, why not, a less predictable one like Bucharest or Istanbul.

10. If you weren’t a PR you’d be...

I would open a café with a minimal style in Hackney, with my hipster husband covered with tattoos (that I still have to meet).