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Is it already time to say goodbye to SELFIE era?


Is it already time to say goodbye to SELFIE era?    #COUPLEFIE

It's the couple-game week, I got a few things to say. 

Today I woke up and my instagram was raped by 3 couple pictures in Black&White.

WWD, portraits the original joint venture of all, MK and Ashley Olsen, as Kanye West used to say… I would have marry MK and Ashley. The two american Twins have always been in the spotlight but never wanted to, they say "being famous is an abduction". Many of my favorite icons have been only shooting stars ( Lindsay I know you are reading me) from the top to the flop. 

The Olsen for me could be really doing anything… being the new president of The USA, Homeless, everything… it's enough they keep rocking their unique VIBE.

I think Donatella is such a global ICON, even her name is iconic, it literally means glamour baroque and that ITALIC-MIAMI taste. More than anyone Donatella made of her image a marketing tools. Riccardo sharpens his knife, casting Donatella as 2015 FW campaign new face, rocking a sweet and intense look. Now the only think I'm asking it's Riccardo wearing Studded Versace jockstraps.

I don't know if many of you got the chance to see "The Roast of JustinBieber", but from that moment on, I've been start thinking,  that JB should become a comedian more than a rockstar! Maybe he heard me screaming it, but a new image from Zoolander 2 has just been released and it features the Young celebrity! Keep Acting bieber! we ilke it best. The Zoolander wave seems to be already on everyone, from Maison Valentino to also some famous bloggers… ;) 

What are media trying to tell us? It's already time to say that selfie era is over? Run to your best friend, you mother,your dog's house… it's COUPLEFIE time!