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John Galliano at Margiela?


John Galliano at Margiela? Rumors

The New York Post just possibly dashed the biggest rumour for this year in the fashion world: John Galliano could be the new artistic director of Maison Martin Margiela couture. We know it all too well, in this world, the newcomers are the relevant ones for the great expectations they create: obviously about their future work, but also the coherence of choice between the designer personality and the image and history of the brand with two possible consequences: either a perfect match or a total disaster.

In Galliano's case it was slightly different and more complex, after the media storm that lashed out against him due to his antisemite declarations, the dismissal at Dior and the most epic downfall: from the height of success to a huge loss of credibility and almost exile.

Two sides were formed: those who recognized his genius and thought he deserved a second chance such a Oscar de la Renta who invited him last year in his studios, leading to speculation regarding Galliano being his choice as a successor, and those who condamned him forever, without any possible redemption.

Even if for now this fusion is denied by Renzo Rosso, the major stakeholder of  Margiela, we think it's highly believable and could be a great opportunity for the designer himself.

First of all, the well known anonymity and mistery around the brand would be positive to Galliano, who shouldn't go from dark to spotlight all the sudden: he needs a fashion rehab and sobriety to prove he's changed now.

Furthermore, MMM is a much more free and relaxed space to create, thanks to the privileged position in the industry with OTB (Only the brave), detached from all the LVMH financial madness and pressure that put Galliano in such a critic position.

Stylisticly speaking, such an atypical brand, in costant search, would be a blank page to start over for the designer as he could go out his comfort zone and explore the minimal signature style of the maison within his personal touch.

What's more, Margiela's uniform, a crisp white blouse is the opposite of Galliano's typical outfits  like a break from the past and the abscence of final bow after the show are all things that could only  do him good.

Not only Galliano would benefit from the task, but the couture section in such creative hands and ingenious mind would earn prestige, glamour and creativity, having in it two elements theoretically opposed, but possibly very successful.