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The best 5 things about Milan Women Fashion Week - SS15

Give Me Five

The best 5 things about Milan Women Fashion Week - SS15 Give Me Five

The Milan fashion week has just ended. As a hangover from the parade go to track down what has left its mark. Or what upsets by having to argue with you absolutely. 



Miuccia Prada had provided us with a preview of the men's collection, but only now we understand fully: antiquity. An oxymoron fact fashion, avant-garde champion takes a look at the past in search of precious fabrics such as brocades. All expertly mixed to a disorder calibrated, made of tear-figuratively and literally. As a leader must have, apart from the beauty of the escalation of bags, we report the recovery of the high neck and the excessive use of embroidered knee. 


Moschino and Jeremy Scott, one of the most successful marriages fashion of the last ten years. If Moschino had to relive his splendor 80s and 90s the goal was achieved perfectly. The parade started on the song Barbie Girl, instant heartthrob for the young people at the show, reminiscent of adolescence. From then on, the dream of every little girl: an human Barbie. With roller skates and magic of the holidays. The only absences: Ken and the camper. There we will have a reason. The genius of Jeremy Scott hit all the hot topics: pop, pink and young. We are seriously in trouble to give you a must have, then opt for a color: pink barbie. With all due respect to Elsa Schiaparelli. 


Marni and the concept of the modern geisha. Consuelo Castiglioni respects the style of the house and it evolves in order to project the future. As the models wear tradition with ultra flat toe cap, comfort never obvious. The color palette ranges from pure white to the more vibrant colors of the latest releases. A clever use of materials structure as the clothes architectures. Must have absolute skirts with belt band. 


Jil Sander has centered on the issue of full pret a porter, masculine silhouette from unexpected slits. White, navy blue and burgundy are the prevalent colors. The inspiration permeates every minimal output, shirts covered with mesh vest and knee-length skirts. We want portfolio skirts, also in leather version. The movement finds unexpected points, futurism pret a porter.


Antonio Marras and colors. An indissoluble union, the new collection for SS 15 winks at a Japanese pop art; silk lines and models without make up. The visual effect is extraordinary, but zooming we realize that nothing is left to chance. Each embroidery is calibrated in color contrast, the skill to combine different materials and shapes that come together in an all-encompassing impact. We crave everything has lines.


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