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Alberto Furlan Wiggas Collection

Gansta rapper

Alberto Furlan Wiggas Collection Gansta rapper

Gansta rappers branded Venice.

Violence , murder, degradation , racial discrimination against social redemption. Leave the ghetto to the metropolis and use fashion as an encouragement for the American dream.

It 's so that  Alberto Furlan, born 1991, graduated student at the IUAV in Venice in Fashion Design creates "Wiggas." The oversize volumes typical of the rapper and sportswear style mix with the finest materials and sartorial elegance of businessmen.

The '80s street style and the formal one, thus leaving the way for a new and contemporary hybrid, master of his time and ready to find his place in the world. It 's a collection composed of soft lines, row edge, stylistic dualism, classic colors and proportions that combine short and long.

Furlan makes his entrance in fashion with a line that has also won the authoritative and authoritarian Anna Wintour who awarded the young talent with a scholarship of Condé Nast.