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The best 5 things about London Fashion Week - Second part

Give Me Five

The best 5 things about London Fashion Week - Second part Give Me Five

Before storing the speech about London Men Fashion Week FW 2014, we close the circle with the second part of Give Me Five. Here are the five details that have impressed us the most on the last day of runaways made ​​in UK.

-The plastic heads and the hairstyles of
Katy Eary

We find the 
Disney theme also with Katy Eary who created and made ​​her models wear enormous plastic heads from which sprout tufts of colored and punk hair. Needless to specify the cartoon character that inspired them, ears speak for themselves. Daft Punk, start to shake.

Continuing with
Katy Eary, we were also breathless faced with the choice of the hairstyle. Also here the key words are two, color and punk inspiration.

-The head details of KTZ

The head details impressed us also in Marjan Pejoski aka KTZ. Starting from a collection based on his 4 Hs, Holiness, Hinduism, Hockey and Himalayas, the Macedonian designer has thought to complete the monochrome looks by painting white the faces of the models. In this way the black clothes stand out more and in the white ones face and dress merge, creating an amazing game. We've not finished yet. Look at the silver details on the heads of the models. What do you say about them?

-The patterns of Kit Neale

The fact that the patterns are the hallmark of Kit Neale is a universal reality. The fact that every time he is able to create new one playing with colors with an incredible skill, too. For the next FW 2014 he proposes in this regard dizzying textures, inspired by the Elephant and Castle area of London. The iconic elephants with castles on the back are mixed with urban jungle prints and floral motifs. Voila, the print is served.

-The cigarette cases Christopher Shannon

Smoking is bad for healt but wearing the smoke has never killed anyone. We're not glorifying a new trend that sees the smoke as a protagonist, we're talking about the sweaters of Christopher Shannon on which stand nothing less thancigarette cases. Will you kill someone to have one of them? Please, don't do that. We've just said that wearing the smoke has never killed anyone.

-The floral decorations of Shaun Samson

Shaun Samson, mainly working with plaid and flannel, offers a grunge style which is mitigated by a lovely detail. The faces of the models are in fact framed by flowers that create a curious contrast between the hardness of the look and the simplicity and delicacy of the nature.