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Judge the best outfit at FWSA 2013

Just few days to the competition's end

Judge the best outfit at FWSA 2013 Just few days to the competition's end

The fashion world is not only made of catwalks but streetstyle too. We decided to shot the best outfit and make you vote it. will award the prestigious Jury Prize, while on the FWSA’s page you can decide who will win the categories Best FemaleBest Detail and Best Photographer. Just one click.

Outsider of this edition are Chiara Totire  new Grazia IT-girl, and Patricia Manfield,  in total look Armani. Anna Wintour has been hit by our flash for the first time, with her Anna dello Russo and Viviana Volpicella too. The super blogger Chiara Ferragni and Erika Boldrin could not miss. At the head of the run when there's Jay Choe, followed by Patricia Manfield and Chiara Totire. Fierce challenge between Best Photographer, photographic talent is not lacking in the Fashion Week Streetstyle Awards. The podium is composed of current Giacomo Rebecchi, Adriano Cisani and Adam Katz Sinding  And even if you believe that the details make the difference you can not save votes for the Best Next, here is the winning creativity Erika Boldrin signed with her parfume bag  closely followed by Giulia Baggini and her Sixties bag. An incredible trio of color block hair is stable in third place. The balance is in evolution, only one vote can change the fate of the challenge. You have until September 27 to make a difference.

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