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How to avoid looking like a tourist in Paris

Here, blending in is much more than a question of fashion

How to avoid looking like a tourist in Paris Here, blending in is much more than a question of fashion

France remains one of the most visited countries in Europe, and for good reasons. From East to West and North to South, the country never seems to run out of things to see and do. Hence its position as a leader in tourism worldwide. But one thing the French seem to abhor is tourists, or perhaps it is specific to Parisians? If, while in the capital, you wish to blend in and, who knows, be adopted by the locals, here are some tips you can consider, or not.  

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Adapting to Paris is much more than a question of fashion. It is a matter of attitude, posture, and understanding the cultural subtleties of the city. Paris is a blend of historical districts and modernity, where intellectuals, artists, hipsters, and workers intersect. To fit in well, you must first adopt the right mindset. The typical Parisian look relies more on how you wear your clothes than on what you actually wear. This ever-evolving city attracts people from everywhere who wish to reinvent themselves or become the best version of themselves. Statistically speaking, about 20 to 30% of the capital's inhabitants are native Parisians, 40 to 50% come from other regions of France, and 20 to 25% are foreigners. Given this diversity, it is impossible to define just one Parisian style: the cultural richness and heterogeneity of the inhabitants create a mosaic of lifestyles, traditions, and styles that coexist and influence each other. Contrary to what all the magazines harped on about five years ago about "The Parisian", a carbon copy of Jeanne Damas with her curtain bangs, beret, floral dresses, and bicycle mainly roaming the Marais - South Pigalle - Batignolles axes.

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Although very different, the inhabitants of Paris share a strong awareness of their own identity, expressed through their clothing style. Some say they have an innate sense of style - this is false. But one thing is certain: whatever their outfit, they wear it with confidence. Forget the idea of wanting to do too much, the Parisian style is simple, effortless, it is just about betting on the right cuts, knowing your proportions, and accessorizing. Parisians often anticipate trends. So opt for slightly oversized pieces when it comes to sweaters, suits, and coats. Anything too fitted, including skinny jeans (unless you are part of a rock band or work at Celine), risks betraying you. Finally, avoid bright colors. Locals prefer neutral tones, a hairstyle that's somewhat styled but not too much, and “natural” makeup. There is an elegance and sobriety in the streets, reflected in the colors and shapes of the clothing. Which brings us to the last crucial point to avoid looking like a tourist in Paris: the walk. Whatever your outfit, walk with confidence, speed, and a clear purpose. Even if you have no idea where you are going. (And don't forget, if you plan to stand still on escalators, stay on the right side.)