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The sound of Miu Miu's Holiday collection according to nss Galleria

The real feast is for hearing thanks to ASMR

The sound of Miu Miu's Holiday collection according to nss Galleria The real feast is for hearing thanks to ASMR

The Miu Miu Holiday collection has been thoughtfully designed specifically for the festive season. Whether spending the holidays at home with family or traveling with friends, the collection caters to all occasions and Christmas gift possibilities. Highlights include iconic skirt suits in chic black cady, quilted tweeds, and organza embroidered with crystals, glossy leather pieces with contrast collars, cashmere cardigans, and sporty jersey separates, all adorned with Miu Miu branding. The clothing is layered, and its glamour is once again underscored by sportswear-inspired details. The Wander and Arcadie bags also take a prominent place, crafted in soft nappa and the characteristic matelassé leather in neutral tones, metallics, holiday red, and a version created with sheepskin fur. Complementing the clothing and bags are embroidered velvet and satin slippers, two-tone Mary Jane flats, eyewear, headbands, and bijoux, completing a festive look that speaks of the brand's cheerful and spontaneous elegance. As a culmination of the collection, Miu Miu has collaborated with Marshall to design elegant black leather cases for kennels with polished gold branding, all enclosed in a special co-branded box, and with Polaroid for cameras equipped with branded web camera straps.

A series of objects, large and small, that tell a story in which we all participate: the contemplation and intimacy of giving and receiving, the closeness and warmth of a home illuminated by a special occasion. Sound is the medium through which this narrative is captured. Through a project curated by nss Galleria titled How it sounds, accessories take center stage in an ASMR narrative, where familiar sounds convey the sense of intimacy in the act of giving and the comfort each individual product provides. The rustle of a sheepskin bag, the zip opening to reveal a gift, the harmonious sound of a finger gliding like a harp over the teeth of a comb, the clip closing in the hair, and a light melody emanating from a pair of headphones: all these elements compose the symphony of the holidays according to Miu Miu. The project transforms fashion objects into sensory experiences, inviting buyers to immerse themselves in their personal sound world, combining the luxury of clothing with the intimate and enveloping dimension of the holiday season.

Creativity & Direction Filippo Castellano
DoP Leonardo Castellano
AC Alessandro Parca
Editing & Color Giuseppe Moccia
Sound design Matteo De Marinis
MUAH and Nail Artist Silvia Mancuso
Model Nicole Ciabatti
Production nss factory
Video Production Panino Films
Editorial Coordinators Edoardo LasalaElisa Ambrosetti
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