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Tutte le novità dell’ultimo update di Tinder

Nessuna, però, risolve il problema del ghosting

Tutte le novità dell’ultimo update di Tinder Nessuna, però, risolve il problema del ghosting

Yesterday Tinder unveiled a series of updates and new features for profiles and discovery aimed at redefining the online dating experience. The update addresses the needs of the new generations revealed in Tinder's Future of Dating Report, showing a strong desire for a more authentic approach to romantic relationships. The recent set of introduced features aims to go beyond the classic swipe method by trying to connect profiles based on personality. Mark Van Ryswyk, Tinder's Chief Product Officer, emphasized the importance of authenticity, depth, and the desire for connections beyond surface interactions. And Gen Z truly does things differently: in Tinder's May report, it is stated that «18-25 year olds are 32% less likely to ghost someone than those over 33.7. Additionally, 77% of Tinder members reply to a match within 30 minutes, 40% respond within five minutes and over a third reply immediately.7 This is further reinforced when comparing how millennials viewed dating 10 years ago: three in four 33 to 38 year olds (73%) agreed that dating games – like playing hard to get, giving mixed signals, playing the field– were all accepted as “normal” when they were between 18-25 years old».


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The most significant aesthetic update is the UI experience redesign with a new screen for the iconic "It's a Match". The series of new features include Prompts, a function allowing users to share by responding to prompts like "The key to my heart is," "The first item on my bucket list is," and "Two truths and a lie" to facilitate conversation; the profile quiz that enables users to discover compatibility potential by looking at common preferences and interests; Basic Info Tags allowing users to share crucial information from pets to drinking habits and zodiac signs. Next are the Enhanced Reporting features that empower users to report specific elements of a profile, addressing concerns about someone's profile. Finally, there's the new Dark Mode described as ideal "for late-night activity or discreet public matching"