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Marni will show in Tokyo

After New York, the second step of the brand's "itinerant fashion shows"

Marni will show in Tokyo After New York, the second step of the brand's itinerant fashion shows

At New York Fashion Week, a masterful game of layering combining transparencies, velvet and satin succeeded in making the sun set on the catwalk, in a kaleidoscope of psychedelic colours reproducing all the nuances of the celestial vault. It seems that Marni has not only explored a new geographic continent, but also a new stylistic territory far from both Francesco Risso's usual bleak, goth and maximalist aesthetic, but also from everything the brand has produced so far. Now, according to WWD, the creative director is reportedly planning to hold a fashion show in Tokyo next year, although details on the date and location have yet to be released, the second leg of the fashion house's "itinerant fashion show" initiative that will take the brand to explore a different city each season. In addition, Japan is historically a strong market for Marni, whose business is also strong in Korea and China, in Asia, so much so that new openings are planned in Seoul and Tokyo. 

At the show preview, in response to the question "why move from Milan?" posed by Vogue, Risso replied:  «I've been wanting to explore for a while. It means understanding things from a different perspective, getting in touch with different people. It's a refreshing feeling, there's also a lot to learn, and I'm ready to do it every fucking second. Since America opened its borders last December I've been here, I don't know, maybe 20 times. Yet,' he continued, 'it's not really new, because everyone is in another realm in some way». Renzo Rosso, founder of parent company Marni OTB, also told WWD that «the idea is to bring energy and be closer to local customers. Marni is a global brand, but we also want to be close to the local culture and create products for specific local markets».