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Jacquemus' new store is here to stay

The Avenue Montaigne location could become the brand's first permanent shop

Jacquemus' new store is here to stay The Avenue Montaigne location could become the brand's first permanent shop

Between fashion shows in exotic locations and a marketing strategy based on involving as many celebrities as possible, Jacquemus has certainly earned a prominent place in the hearts of Gen Z exponents. But much of the credit for the wise community-building process that has brought the emerging brand into the mainstream scene certainly goes to the pop-up shops, designed by the brand to retain a very young audience by providing them the perfect location for TikTok videos and Instagram posts. Think of the very first store decorated with Provençal flowers, or Le Bleu, the store that opened in May at Selfridges in London and in which Simon Porter Jacquemus repurposed his bathroom, transforming it into an experiential shop, to the monochrome shops in Milan and Paris - one in white, the other in pink - both of which have gone viral on social media. Now Jacquemus is again challenging the limits of retail with a store located on one of Paris' most prestigious shopping streets, a 3,200 square meter, two-level location on Avenue Montaigne opening on 27 September during Paris Fashion Week. 

Although we don't yet have any information on the new store, we do know for certain that this time the retail point will be more like a permanent store. In fact, according to BOF, the venue is expected to remain open for five months, but sources close to the brand have revealed that the project has no fixed end date and that the brand is exploring a long-term retail presence, which could lead to the Avenue Montaigne location to become Jacquemus' first permanent shop. What's more, while previous pop-ups offered a limited retail selection, the new store will sell products from all categories, particularly high-end ready-to-wear from the latest Le Papier collection. 'We are open to all options' said a Jacquemus spokesperson.

It certainly seems that the brand founded in 2009 is ready for the big leap after a rather profitable six months full of news: from the nomination of the new CEO, former Paco Rabanne boss Bastien Daguzan, to the collaboration with Nike that will continue until the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris. Establishing a presence in luxury retail would mark a change in strategy for Jacquemus, which has built a substantial business selling mainly through wholesalers and its online shop. A fixed retail presence in the heart of Parisian luxury shopping (precisely between Gucci and Jil Sander) would officially project the brand among high-end competitors, increasing operating margins and approaching a rather ambitious turnover target for 2022: €200 million.