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When the dress is in the family

From David Banda to Kaia Gerber

When the dress is in the family From David Banda to Kaia Gerber

Family first might be the mantra of celebrities grappling with calls and events on the agenda. A few days ago David Banda, son of that famous pop star who marked entire generations who grew up with Blond Ambition and Jean Paul Gaultier signature cone bras-yes - that's right Madonna - was spotted on the streets of New York in a foot-length red V-neck dress from the Exquisite collection. And the 63-year-old star, matching, wore a black dress from Balenciaga's latest collection. And, if the manner in which both outfits went viral could be summed up in the see now buy now formula, the argument should be extended to the archival photo maniacs who went to dredge up an image in which Madonna - it was 1993 at the premiere of Sleepless in Seattle - had been immortalized in an adidas dress with the same neckline and color.

Causality or ad hoc orchestrated strategy that it may have been, it is evident how several times celebrities and children have appeared in public coordinated in looks bordering on aesthetic twinning. Twinning that, in the case of Kaia Gerber and Cindy Crawford, has resulted in a series of looks separated only by a few years' difference. Such as when the former U.S. model, during the 1992 MTV Awards, wore a Versace bondage look that her daughter repurposed in 2019 in her 18th year. Inspo, that of Cindy Crawford's campaign repertoire, which Kaia Gerber also found herself reinterpreting for the SS18 Versace campaign. Fate also befell Beyoncé's daughter Blue Ivy, immortalized in a Gucci floral print dress during vacations spent in Paris. Or, even more blatantly, one only has to go scrolling through Kim Kardashian's posts to realize how highly unlikely it can be to think that the coordinated parent-child looks are the result of chance: from the hairstyles perfectly matching North West to the maniacal care for the outfits, everything appears to be studied at the table.

The craze for these looks actually does not spare even celebrities such as DJ Khaled who, on the occasion of the 2019 Grammys, sported a velvet look in symbiosis with his son Asahd. Beyond the more or less glamorous events, that of matching looks is a phenomenon that has carved out its own space even in more informal settings. During Valentine's Day 2019, for example, Bella Hadid opted for a Matrix inspired black leather trench coat with her mother Yolanda. And, for street style lovers, there's Vanessa Paradis and Lily Rose Depp in blue jeans, black parkas, and layered shirts.