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Balenciaga has fooled everyone

All it took was a pair of sneakers and a bit of superficiality

Balenciaga has fooled everyone All it took was a pair of sneakers and a bit of superficiality

Yesterday arrived online the first images of the Paris, the new Balenciaga sneakers available in store in two versions, a "high" similar to the classic Converse and another in Mule version. Despite the aesthetic differences, both versions are still characterized by a distressed air not new to the aesthetics of the brand and the world of sneakers in general, which over the years has seen a long series of shoes reproduce that scruffy air made famous by Golden Goose or Saint Laurent. Along with the two models, respectively € 495 and € 395, the brand has then launched a third version of the sneakers renamed Full Destroyed that, as you can guess from the name, presents an air even more extreme than the previous two. This version, available in a limited edition of 100 pieces at 1450€, was however the one used by the brand for the official launch of the sneaker generating the general indignation of those who, a bit for inattention and a bit for a precise Balenciaga strategy, believed that that was the sneaker put on the market.

If you too have fallen into this trap, if you too have been trolled by Demna, do not blame yourself. Balenciaga has always had as its primary statement the provocation, the desire to generate a reaction from the viewer, in this case, a sneaker so destroyed that it would be difficult to wear sold at a deliberately exaggerated price. Demna himself has based part of his success on his ability to make fun of fashion itself, often presenting items that are out of the box and often "difficult" to conceive for the classic codes of everyday aesthetics, whether it be a super chunky sneaker or the now famous Crocs Boots. In this case too, the Georgian designer has done the same, exploiting the irritability of those who watch and comment on fashion online to launch his new sneaker.