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NFTs have invaded Fashion Week

Gmoney wore a Cryptopunk at the Prada show

NFTs have invaded Fashion Week Gmoney wore a Cryptopunk at the Prada show

In light of the latest trends in fashion, it would seem that the new trend is flexing one's NFT or, more generally, any virtual “object” having to do with the Metaverse. At Milan Fashion Week Men, @gmoneynft, one of the first builders, investors and collectors of Web3, who decided to show off his Crypto Punk at the Prada fashion show. At the same time, Fendi has created a particular card holder, the Fendi Ledger Holder for Bitcoin, NFT and Etherium, while for Paris Fashion Week, the Federation de la Haute Couture et de la Mode and Arianee, one of the leading companies in the application of NFT technology applied to the fashion and luxury industry, have joined forces to offer you the NFT experience for free access to Paris Fashion Week at the Palais de Tokyo. For more than a year now the fashion world has been flirting with new technologies, investing in the creation of products in the form of NFTs and devising new ways to colonize the Metaverse, yet perhaps for the first time in the fashion system NFTs have encountered everyday life in the most concrete way.

NFTs (acronym for non-fungible token) are certificates that attest to the authenticity, uniqueness and ownership of a digital object, such as an image, a video, a song or even a tweet. So how did Gmoney wear a virtual mask at a physical show? It just didn't. It was enough to photoshopped the photos taken by superimposing on his face that of a Bored Ape, the CryptoPunk representing a pixelated and bored monkey bought by Gmoney last year at a cost of 140 Etherium (about $ 170,000).

Perhaps tomorrow flexing an expensive car or a limited edition bag will no longer be considered cool enough and the new (and old) rich will resort to photomontage to show off their purchasing power in the form of NFT on social networks, spending crazy money for something which is only visible with a filter or viewer, as Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Curry, Post Malone and Eminem have already done. Or perhaps that of the NFT is just a passing hysteria, a mistake destined to extinguish.