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The importance of inclusiveness in fashion, interview with Andrea Adamo

The founder of Adamo guided us through the genesis and founding values of the brand

The importance of inclusiveness in fashion, interview with Andrea Adamo  The founder of Adamo guided us through the genesis and founding values of the brand

We met the artistic director and founder of Adamo, Andrea Adamo, to discover the values that encapsulate his brand, from inclusivity to nude color. The brand was born with the human body as a starting point and source of inspiration, an element that also transpires from his clothes in which nudity is the fundamental element, managing to show the truth of each of us. One's identity is laid bare, as Andrea Adamo says: "Nudity makes us the same as each other and at the same time unique for what we are." For this reason he uses all the colors of nudity, without names or labels. In addition to the colors, the garments have the technique of seamless and knitwear that come to life emphasizing the shapes of the body, in an imperceptible fusion with the skin of the wearer.

Each garment aims to make the wearer feel good about themselves, said the creative director, becoming the dream garment. Body positivity and self confidence are central to his aesthetic: "My work wants to emphasize and emphasize the shapes of the body, with naturalness and with a touch of provocation, which increases the excitement", he in fact defines his sensual collection, stating that "my clothes are made to express themselves, the garments come to life and become unique following the shape of each body". Andrea Adamo in his collections always tries to reinterpret the codes of the brand by inserting innovations that evolve the aesthetics and content of the brand. This allows him to experiment with the declination of aesthetic codes in different worlds and always create something unique and different.

To show his collections, the creative director says that Fashion Week is the most important platform for visibility. Through this occasion the brand has the opportunity to show and tell its aesthetic vision involving everyone in its universe. The creative director in this perspective said that "it is important that during the fashion week, the brands involved make a system and that the great designers support the proposals of emerging names, in a perspective of collaboration and cooperation. I believe that in this way a virtuous circle is triggered that gives value to a country's fashion week and fuels its importance for the benefit of all those involved." Unity is a fundamental part of evolution so it will be important to have great cohesion to create change even with respect to inclusivity and equality. In fact, as the creative director stated, "it's not enough to have plus-size or black models walk the runway, we can't stop there, content to silence our conscience, building an alibi of fairness and justice that has no solid basis." One must therefore be able to become a spokesperson for social causes without remaining superficial. The garment is something that is worn and can radically change one's being, which is why the fashion system has a fundamental role in creating real change for a more inclusive and open system.