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5 sneakers that we no longer want to see around

And we say it for your sake

5 sneakers that we no longer want to see around And we say it for your sake

With the explosion of the sneaker market, everyone has begun to take a more or less credible interest in what until recently they called sneakers without too much shame. Sneakers are for everyone, of course, but just as in the fashion world, there are some things that should be avoided, in particular canceled. Historical models that have outlived their time and others that perhaps should never have found it, silhouettes with inexplicable success and others that deserve damnatio memoriae. Let's be clear, the writer would wear a pair of sneakers even in the shower, but some crimes must be stopped before it's too late, a bit like Tom Cruise in Minority Report.

So, in the role of a futuristic police sneaker, here are the 5 sneakers that we no longer want to see around:

Alexander McQueen Oversized Sneaker

Do we really need explanations? Having become famous in recent years, they have quickly taken to the top of the list of the world's ills, ousting the melting of glaciers and global pollution. Thought to be a union between a chunky sneaker and a more elegant shoe, they have turned into a real mass phenomenon especially thanks to the audience that sees skinny jeans as a still socially acceptable choice.

Nike Air More Uptempo

There was a brief span of time when Uptempo (pardon the pun) were inexplicably considered cool. Of course, the collaboration with Supreme has had the weight of her, but with the gradual end of the love for huge logos, even these sneakers, which in the logo see one of her biggest problems, have begun to feel the weight of age. Despite this, it is not uncommon to find them still around at someone's feet, ready to remind you that even beautiful things are destined to end sooner or later.

FILA Disruptor

If football is the sport that unites peoples, hatred for the Fila Disruptor certainly does the same. With their under-16 target, they have become popular above all thanks to the constant presence on the shelves of sneaker store chains, able to sell even the unsaleable between an insole and a pair of terry socks. These too, due to a cause-effect relationship still being examined by CERN, are often combined with jeans that are so tight that they can be easily mistaken for body painting.

Off-White Vulcanized

A bit like the dinosaurs had the meteorite, streetwear saw the arrival of the tamarri as its own little personal apocalypse. In the absence of Hypebeast for Dummies, most of them threw themselves on the brands they heard by chance after four vodka tonics and a confused shake in a friend's Instagram feed. The result is the pair of Off-White sneakers that Virgil Abloh is also ashamed of, the ones that “in the end were also on sale” but above all manage to make Off-White's zip-tye even more embarrassing. What's more, given their Low nature, it is not uncommon to see them around accompanied by a skinny jeans with turn-up and the sock, obviously, absent.

Vans Old Skool

Let's start with a small premise: we all had a pair of Old Skools, most likely we loved them to the point of exhaustion, wearing them despite tears and holes that made them look more like a war relic than a shoe. We have, in fact, a verb in the past tense that should remain so in the hope of stemming the incessant advance of Vans Old Skool that besiege us every day. Whether it's at the bar, in the subway or in line at the supermarket, they are there, a paranormal phenomenon that can only be traced back to an exponential growth of the skate community but which in reality is easily explained in three words: lack of imagination. A safe haven for your lazy outfits, but also an umbilical cord with 2010 waiting to be cut. What are you waiting for?