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How an icon is reborn: a new chapter at Paciotti

The historic Italian brand returns with a renewed identity, that doesn't forget its past

How an icon is reborn: a new chapter at Paciotti  The historic Italian brand returns with a renewed identity, that doesn't forget its past

There are brands, logos, images, advertising campaigns that have become part of Italian collective imagination, helping to shape tastes and aesthetics that have marked eras and decades. In Italy and abroad, Cesare Paciotti - and its iconic dagger - was a cultural phenomenon, a high-sounding name that immediately evokes an idea of over the top, aspirational and infinitely glamorous luxury. An unattainable aura of coolness portrayed in advertising campaigns that have become iconic, shot by the greatest photographers of our times. 

Rock'n'Roll and sensuality; unique materials and unprecedented silhouettes; quality and technology; tradition and innovation; past and future. Paciotti's new course is reborn from antithetical but never opposite combinations, harmonious and fascinating elements that not only make up the history of the brand, but that represent also the roots of its future. The sexy and irresistible image that the brand projected hides a story made of great quality, craftsmanship and artisanship, something that Cesare and his sister Paola inherited from their parents, who had founded the company in 1948. What went on to become the Cesare Paciotti brand embarks on a new course, enriched by special attention to the younger generations, environmental sustainability, all guided by bold and innovative design

Paciotti inaugurates a new chapter in its history with a brand new creative direction. To design the creations there is in fact a collective of creatives - a choral and intelligent choice, that aims at conveying and blending different tastes and visions - led by Vincenzo Viscione, an art collector with an eclectic personality, assisted by Chicca Senia, head of communication and connector with a singular artistic sensibility. To inaugurate this new path towards the future, the collective didn't forget about the heritage of the brand, but has enhanced its identity, evolving it and updating it. Paciotti now presents the FW21/22 collection, entitled Hard Deco, which actually started out from a 1989 silhouette, called 'Deco', which was technically developed according to contemporary taste, and also available in a combat version. 

Today Paciotti restarts from a dream, a dreamlike and surreal fantasy that wants to tell a contemporary tale. The new collection is in fact unveiled through a short movie shot in Paris that stars a couple returning from a night out, a once-daily, natural gesture, but that today is able to evoke habits, sensations, past memories, almost forgotten, after this challenging year. Paciotti has chosen this means of communication to reach a new audience, younger and more composite, bearer of different aesthetic visions and obsessions, an objective achieved through the chosen music, which becomes a connector of feelings, an alchemical means to clear the distances between the brand and its audience. Hence the choice of William, a well-known musician on the most coveted dancefloors of the world, as the protagonist of the short movie. 

The soundtrack, a unique mix of Schubert notes and electronic music, accompanies a gothic, romantic, punk, deco collection, a frame in which couture, sensuality, provocation and absolute elegance come together in a dreamy setting. 

The FW21 collection was moreover unveiled presented on the brand's Instagram page through a series of shots signed by Theo Soyez and decorated with cartoons by Emma Allegretti. A new, fresh and fun way to convey the world of Paciotti to the new generations.