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Kailand O. Morris and ICEBERG want to change the fashion system

The American designer has joined forces with the Italian brand for a capsule that aims high

Kailand O. Morris and ICEBERG want to change the fashion system  The American designer has joined forces with the Italian brand for a capsule that aims high
Don't call him a son of art, Kailand O. Morris has clear ideas about his future in fashion. The son of the music legend Stevie Wonder and designer Kai Milla, Kailand has joined forces with ICEBERG, the brand founded in 1974 by Giuliana Marchini Gerani and Silvano Gerani, with a collection that explores the culture and transcendence of the underground attitude and of the sporty one in a Hype Psychedelic key. Puffer, cargo pants, windbreaker, gilet, hoodie, tee and other accessories find a new connotation thanks to the work of Kailand O. Morris and the drawings made by hand by the artist VAMEEE

A collaboration, the one between the American designer and ICEBERG, began when one of his agents organized his appearance in the brand's show during London Fashion Week two summers ago. After that appearance, Kailand O. Morris appeared in several of the brand's campaigns and led an event in support of the Watts Empowerment Center in Los Angeles. After an internship at Dior under the direction of Kim Jones and with a mentor like Kanye West, Kailand has joined forces with ICEBERG Creative Director James Long to create a capsule collection of ready-to-wear and accessories. 
nss magazine interviewed Kailand O. Morris to talk about his passion for fashion, his experiences and where he wants to go in the coming years.


Where does your passion for fashion come from?

I would say, my mother. She has always been a big inspiration to me when we talk about the field of fashion and the works she’s done as a designer. 

You are a young designer with a lot of influences behind you. In light of this, what is your fashion idea? 

My idea of fashion is the use of items and fabrics to ultimately iterate a message, use of self-expression, and a 2nd language. 

You've had the chance to work with two pillars of design and fashion like Kim Jones and Kanye West. What have you learned from two such important personalities?

Two very impactful and inspiring personalities I would say. I’ve learned so many different approaches to situations, looking at the world from a different perspective, and so many other things. One extremely important treasure I’ve learned from them both is that through any work you do in any field, you have to have a strong work ethic. 

Despite the young age you already have very clear ideas about your path. What are your goals in the fashion world?

To revolutionize the industry. Touch as many people and inspire as many people as I can. To turn the fashion system into more of a circular industry that predominately works with sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics.

Given the premises, what does this collection with ICEBERG mean for you?

Wow! This collection means so many things to myself, one probably being the beginning of an amazing partnership collection with James along and the Iceberg Family ... Much love! I was just speaking to a person that I’m friends with that I also very much look up to in fashion design, and he said that I am living his dream in collaborating with a brand that ultimately he grew up with and surrounded/inspired by.

The ICEBERG x Kailand O. Morris collection will be available from July on ICEBERG e-commerce, in the brand's stores and at selected retailers around the world.