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How are fashion brands perceived in Spain?

Spain's creatives and cool kids describe their vision of fashion

How are fashion brands perceived in Spain? Spain's creatives and cool kids describe their vision of fashion

Cristobàl Balenciaga, Paco Rabanne, Manolo Blanhik and Enrique Loewe y Roessberg are just some of the great designers that Spain has given to the world - a country where the fashion scene is more vital than ever, present as it is at Paris Fashion Week with Loewe and Arturo Obegero as at Madrid Fashion Week with Palomo Spain and Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. The influence of centuries of history and art, the extraordinary architecture of cities, the centuries-old traditions married to the internationalism of cities such as Madrid and Barcelona make Spain one of the most important playgrounds on the European luxury scene. 

To better analyze the dominant trends today in Spain, the editorial staff asked five Spanish fashion insiders to use the Cartesio platform, created by nss factory in collaboration with Lyst, to categorize the main luxury brands.

Alfredo Santamaria (@gothic__sport)


«I've placed some brands at the ends of the grid, but most of those we know and love on the high fashion plane dance in the center. For me Hermès and Supreme deserve the same respect and adoration».

El Pablo (@pablosisyphe)

Creative director di Sisyphe 

«I tried to overturn I see fashion a little. On the one hand, the ultra-luxury know-how that Hermés represents may be the most classic luxury but brands such as Loewe and Bottega Veneta are bringing it to a new audience. On the other hand, Vetements's ironic critique of luxury, as opposed to the sociological experiment that represents what I don't like about Off-White. In between are the brands they experiment with and streetwear. While in the middle, the winner is Balenciaga, who owns the best of the four categories and leads the world of luxury».

Miguel Becer (@miguelbecer)

Creative Director of Mané Mané

«I selected only luxury brands with a great tradition in sewing, such as Balenciaga and JW Anderson. But in the context of the fashion that we live in 2021 there are many brands close to hype and streetwear and, today more than ever, fashion is almost all the same. Fashion follows trends too much».

Cesar Castro (@csarone)

Founder di Highxtar

«Fashion is becoming increasingly unpredictable, designers and creative directors are working in charge of consumers and it's a sad thing. Only a few like Raf Simons and Matthew Williams have stuck to their essence, keeping themselves safe from an impulsive market, which follows the hype too much».