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Patagonia's viral tag that urges to vote

"Vote the assholes out"

Patagonia's viral tag that urges to vote  Vote the assholes out

In the last few days, on Twitter and Instagram, it went viral the pic of a pair of Patagonia shorts with a rather unique tag. Instead of the classic instructions for washing, in fact, it can be read clearly 'Vote The Assholes Out'. 

If at the beginning many believed it was a fake or at least a custom, Corley Kenna, a spokesperson for Patagonia, has confirmed it's actually an authentic item. The initiative is, in fact, part of the brand's projects against climate change, one of the pillars of the brand's philosophy. 

We added them to the men's and women's shorts in our 2020 'Regenerative Organic Stand-Up' collection because we've been out against climate deniers pretty much since we started making those shorts, Kenna explained. 

It's not the first time that the brand founded by Yvon Chouinard takes a stand, especially when it comes to sustainability and environmental protection, and it is not even the first time that the brand has used this slogan on its garments. In recent years, not only has Patagonia announced that it will no longer work with non-eco-friendly companies, but it has also launched a boycott campaign against Facebook. Patagonia has also announced that it will work with BallotReady to encourage people to vote climate-change deniers out of office.