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Dress like 'Élite' on Netflix

The perfect guide to a preppy style

Dress like 'Élite' on Netflix The perfect guide to a preppy style

In the beginning, there was Gossip Girlour one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan's élite. For seven years, the sexual adventures of Serena Van Der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf's questionable outfits opened a window on the shining lives of the rich teenagers living the penthouses of the Upper East Side. A few years later, Netflix released a Spanish TV series that heard that slogan and inherited the key-word: Élite

Élite is an unprecedented cult show for Spanish television: since it first aired on Netflix, the series reached the world (especially the US) and won everyone's heart. The format is very easy, and it's not something that we haven't seen in the past: if Gossip Girl was the spoiled daughter of The O.C.Élite is the bastard of Gossip Girl and Paso Adelante. It's the story of three teenagers that win a scholarship for one of the most prestigious high schools in Spain: Las Encinas. In the school's hallways (and locker rooms), the three of them begin to bond (more or less passionately) with the creme de la creme of the high-society of Spain. As in every perfect TV-high school, you can't say that you lived your life at its fullest if you're not involved in two or three murders, to say the least.

There are all the stereotypes of an American teen drama: the guy with no money and a problematic family (wearing a white tank-top like Ryan Atwood, but sweet like Dan Humphrey), the rich girl with a collection of hairbands (sounds like Blair Waldorf), the rich guy always crying because he's violent and has family issues, the poor girl that pretends to be rich and sews her own Burberry coats (is that you, Jenny Humphrey?), the gay guy (compared to all his friends' shirts, he looks like the only straight guy) and many others. Then, there are all the stereotypes from a Latin telenovela: a grid of sex, lies and videotapes with no equal in any other teen show. 


In this tornado of quickies and diamond toothbrushes, the styling of the characters is capital. Most of the time, they're wearing the school's uniform: but instead of homologating them, the uniform is just a base that every student personalize with their own style. Concerning the off-duty outfits, there are multiple choices, but all of them respect one main fashion rule: the preppy style, the style inspired by the uniforms of the wealthy US East Coast Universities as Princeton, Yale e Harvard. This look perfectly incarnates all the privileges and the exclusivity of the upper classes: it's a world made of country clubs, tennis lessons, galas and high-profile friendships and relationships. In a few words: it's Ivy League.

It's no coincidence that the brands the most worn by the characters from Élite are Lacoste and Polo Ralph Lauren: what else to represent the social status of Madrid's high-class scions at its best?

When it comes to fashion, everyone in Élite is ready to talk. 
nss magazine tried to list all the items that you can't miss if you're a student at Las Encinas.


Lacoste Grey Classic Logo Hoodie

The Lacoste hoodie is THE hoodie, even better if you match it with an earring worth of a tough guy.


Gucci Pink Leather GG Belt

Every belt is a statement: and nothing better than Gucci could get you the perfect signature look.


Ray-Ban Gold & Green Oval Flat Sunglasses

The world is a better place if you look at it through a pair of Ray-Bans.


New Balance Navy US Made 990v5 Sneakers

Let's face it: New Balance sneakers are cool only if you're a daddy or a preppy. Or a preppy-daddy. That's it.


Polo Ralph Lauren Black Classic Cap

Actually, everyone should have one of these.


Valentino Grey Valentino Garavani Rockstud Shoulder Bag

When the game gets hard, Valentino gets going.


Versace Black & Gold Silk Barocco Western Shirt

Versace, Versace. The price grows up, but there are no words to describe the beauty of this shirt. Not to mention the matching with the white tank top: sacred and profane. Simply splendid.


Versace Black Greek Key Swim Briefs

If the shirt is a little too expensive, don't worry: you can always fall back on the Versace swim briefs. Summer is coming, and pool parties are, too.