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How to dress like a Grime from 'Top Boy' on Netflix

All the must-haves to be the perfect Roadman/Grime

How to dress like a Grime from 'Top Boy' on Netflix All the must-haves to be the perfect Roadman/Grime
'Boy in Da Corner' di Dizzee Rascal

'Boy in Da Corner' di Dizzee Rascal

It's impossible to talk about Grime aesthetic without mentioning the so-called Roadman Stylethe 2000s British culture that has become one with grime music (a musical genre born in the same period as opposed to the U.K. Garage)Tracksuit, hoodie e fit oversize are just some of the it-clothes that make both the Grime and the Roadman style so iconic. Tracksuit, hoodie and oversize fit have always been three of the cornerstones of a clothing designed also as a defense against the pressing video surveillance of the British CCTV (Closed-Circuit Television), as evidenced by the cover of Dizzee Rascal's Boy in Da Corner.

'Boy in Da Corner' di Dizzee Rascal

'Boy in Da Corner' di Dizzee Rascal

Among the many names that are spreading the Grime culture, there is Kano, a British rapper and actor that is currently starring in Top Boy (the Netflix series that aired from 2011 to 2013 on Channel 4 and that has been renewed in 2017 under the pressure of Drake). In the last years, Kano (Kane Robinson is his real name) has helped to bring the Roadman Style not only on the small screen, but also outside the UK. In this culture, for example, the Hoodie's not only worn as an item of clothing, but also “as a defense mechanism or chain mail", as Kano himself said, which identifies the Roadman Style as the type of outfit the British had learned to be afraid of. With a mix of techwear and sportswearblack is at the top of the color list, as witnessed by Kanye West's performance at the 2015 Brit AwardsIt was the highest point in the history of Grime culture: for the first time ever the Roadman Style come out of the crowded streets of England to invade the stage of one of the most glossy musical performances in the UK, bringing on stage all the anger of a generation that had turned hoods and balaclava into true symbols.

Inspired by Yeezus and the news that Top Boy will come back with a season 4, nss magazine has compiled a list of all the must haves of a perfect Roadman/Grime. 


Stone Island Micro Reps Hooded Jacket

Stone Island has always been a brand with a strong presence on the ground and in the streets of England. Its nature is halfway street and halfway tech and it perfectly sums up the spirit of the Grime style. The simplicity and versatility of this piece combines with the needs of a smart outfit to go with a hoodie.


Nike Air Max Plus OG

Air Max Plus are undoubtedly one of the most representative silhouette of the Roadman Style. Since its release in 1997, the Air Max Plus have been the best-selling shoes in British stores, for many years even the most expensive. A true status symbol, as also claimed by Dushane in Top Boy:”You had a fresh pair of Air Max Plus, you had the money.


The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket Clear Lake Blue

Inspired by the puffer jacker worn by Jamie, the character played by Michael Ward, this Nuptse North Face is the perfect solution for the rainy and cloudy English climate.


Nike Tech Pack Woven Pant

Straight from the military aesthetics, the Nike Tech Pack combines technical materials with loose fit. This polyester pant is no exception, merging elements of the cargo pant with those of a tactical one. The final touch is on the pocket, where the printed numbers indicate the letters which form the NIKE name.


Stussy Basic Stussy Zip Hoody

With or without zip, the hoodie is one of the must haves of your Roadman outfit. This Stussy features double branding front and back, all enriched with a loose fit which will match the other pieces perfectly.