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London Men’s Fashion Week SS20 Moodboard

The inspirations directly from the catwalks

London Men’s Fashion Week SS20 Moodboard The inspirations directly from the catwalks

Three days to tell how designers experience Britain divided by Brexit and contemporary society. The London Men's Fashion Week brought on the catwalk political anguish, concern about the invasion of social media that make relationships increasingly virtual, vulnerability and nostalgia. Many are the collections that have looked to the past to dress the next SS20, drawing on the aesthetics of subcultures of the '80s and '90s: from John Lawrence Sullivan's industrial rockers to Charles Jeffrey Loverboy's models with painted faces, from the criticism of the current political situation of Martine Rose to the chic evolution of the English bourgeoisie inspired by Edward Crutchley from an old 1996 commercial of Ikea. There are those like C2H4 who have hypothesized a post-human dystopian future, with a series of looks influenced by the punk movement and utilitarian clothing, and those like Xander Zhou who are so projected into the future that they have abandoned the classic fashion show and have opted for large digital screens that show the new creations. The LFW dedicated to clothing (which actually lasts three and a half days) cannot compete with the appeal of Milan or Paris and their calendars full of established brands, but it still has something to say. Something that tries to design with clothes the society we are living in and its possible future ramifications, but is losing the rebellious and creative twist that has always characterized it and, perhaps, for this reason, seek inspiration in the past. 


Art & Design


Iceberg - Peter Blake Amerika


Astrid Andersen - Do Ho Suh 


Charles Jeffrey Loverboy - Arnulf Rainer


Band of Outsiders - Amit Greenberg’s illustrations  


Liam Hodges - Alfie Kungu


E. Tautz - Wallpaper and upholstery in the images of Tish Murtha 


An Homage to


Per Götesson - Husam El Odeh


Craig Green -  Papel picado de colores 


Liam Hodges - Hajime Sorayama


Paria Farzaneh - The Purge  


Kiko Kostadinov - Kentucky Derby


Edward Crutchley - 1996 Ikea Chuck out your chintz commercial


Martine Rose - Lil Nas X