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nss shopping guide: Workwear

10 items for the next Met Gala

nss shopping guide: Workwear 10 items for the next Met Gala

From high brands to streetwear, fashion seems to have clear in mind the next direction to take, focusing on squarer lines, minimal colour variations and a range of more resistant and raw fabrics. All of this can be categorized as workwear and, as if this was not enough, Kanye as usual has given us the ultimate feeling, galaxies away from what we can understand. He was not completely understood at the last Met Gala, when Ye opted for a Dickies Eisenhower jacket, price: $45. 

In general, workwear is characterized by minimal complexity in design and colors, with zips, denim and a large number of pockets, to replicate precisely those technical clothes used by painters, workers, masons, for example with overalls and cargo pants.


Carhartt Single Knee Pant 

The fit of the Carhartt jeans needs no introduction or explanation, a super classic approach also for this model, in blue denim with pockets and hooks for carabiners and tools of the trade. Brand patch on the back pocket and quality as always at very high levels.

Price: 93€
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Thumper's Half Zip Shirt

A very interesting brand, born in New York City and very close to the skate aesthetics and therefore also to workwear. The short-sleeved shirt is the classic summer item that divides the crowd, this light blue with a half-zip could be a great discovery for beach weekends.

Price: 120€
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Weekday Sunset Jacket Ecru

A real must-have for a workwear outfit is a suitable jacket and this one in white cotton with corduroy details looks perfect. The Swedish brand is truly reliable and affordable, at the forefront also for its sustainability projects.

Price: 70€
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Levi's Poggy Overall

In a shopping guide dedicated to workwear, we couldn't forget about Levi's, a brand born to dress workers and miners in 1853. The brand's trademark is the overalls, invented in those years together with the tailor from Latvia Jacob Davies.

Price: 200€
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BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKS Coaches Jacket "jill"

Japan fashion designers have been focusing on workwear for a long time, an example is the BEDWIN & THE HEARTBREAKS brand, which created this jacket masterpiece, with a fabric reminiscent of PVC tarpaulins used for truck covers.

Price: 270€
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Red Wings Rover Boots

For shoes, the field of workwear narrows to a few types of models, certainly, the boot is one of these and Red Wings is one of the reference brands. Rover was the name given to machine operators in the early twentieth-century cotton mills. The icing on the cake for a perfect heritage look.

Price: 299€
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Heron Preston CTNMB Carhartt pants

As already mentioned, streetwear has been influenced by this style, Heron Preston, for example, made this pant in collaboration with Carhartt. High waist, big pockets, metal buttons and print with the paint effect.

Price 360€
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Dickies Youtility Scrub Pant

Dickies is perhaps one of the brands that have helped workwear style spread over the last few months. The regular lines of his pants really fits with every type of sneaker, this model is ultra-resistant while maintaining comfort thanks to the elastic waistband.

Price 20€
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Riot Division Magnetic Belt 

The trend of technical belts owes much to the model presented a few seasons ago by Off-White, used in a thousand ways and also perfect for a more classic, technical and essential look. The closure is magnetic while the "Molle" system is sewn on the perimeter with the possibility of attaching additional accessories.

Price: 45€
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Carhartt Pocket Tee

The basis of everything is always a nice tee, to be kept in view under a denim jacket or a plaid shirt, Carhartt makes millions of them, indispensable in the wardrobe and super resistant.

Price: 39€
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