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Paris Men’s Fashion Week FW19 Moodboard

The inspirations directly from the catwalks

Paris Men’s Fashion Week FW19 Moodboard The inspirations directly from the catwalks

A dress is much more than a piece of cute fabric to cover the body, tells a story, stitched together by thread and creativity, represents possibilities. The opportunity to feel special, unique or part of something, to turn you into who you would like to be or to reveal to the world who you really are. It can transport you to Provence to have breakfast with baguettes and butter and then to drink tea in the English countryside. You can meet at the same time Michael Jackson, Nick Cave at the time of the Birthday Party, the writers of the Lost Generation, Edgar Allan Poe and Beethoven. It can show you the magic behind everyday life by elevating the workwear to the height of coolness; flirt with steam punk or remember the perfection of tailoring codes that for years have been the basis of masculine elegance. Itcan accompany you to visit a museum and let you lose yourself between the art of the American Raymond Pettibon and the photographs of Colin Snapp or can take you to the cinema and alternate in front of your eyes the face of Malcolm McDowell in A Clockwork Orange and that of Laura Dern in Blue Velvet. A dress is a world that contains other worlds, parallel universes where style, art, history, society, people, a thousand nuances coexist. These are those of the Paris Men's Fashion Week FW19.


Art & Design

OAMC - Daniel Johnston The Adultress


Dior - Raymond Pettibon Not Title (She Must Know...)


Kenzo - Pablo Amaringo


Études - Ben Rubin Subway Doodles


Études - Colin Snapp


JW Anderson - Paul Thek, Untitled (Hand with Ring), 1967


Loewe - Franz Erhold Walther 


Namacheko-Scalandrino shelf  Achille Castiglione


An homage to

Off-White: J.M. Basquiat


Linder - Alexei Romanov’s drawings


Rick Owens - Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley’s original jumpsuit


AMBUSH - The Man Who Fell To Earth


JW Anderson - Ladyhawke


Raf Simons - Laura Dern in Blue Velvet


Raf Simons - Wild at Heart


Undercover - A Clockwork Orange


Valentino - Undercover - Beethoven


Valentino - Undercover - Edgar Allan Poe


Lemaire -  August Sander Gipsy


Vetements - Steve Jobs 


Vetements - Kurt Cobain 1992 


Loewe - Freddy Krueger