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London Men’s Fashion Week FW19 Moodboard

The inspirations directly from the catwalks

 London Men’s Fashion Week FW19 Moodboard  The inspirations directly from the catwalks

What did we learn from the recently concluded London Fashion Week? That fashion cares about the future. On the other hand, come to think of it, the fashion shows are a projection of what we would wear tomorrow and, therefore, indirectly, reflect the designers' vision of what awaits us in a few months or so. And how will the future be? Apparently, eco-conscious, but also with colorful dresses in bubble wrap, populated by cyborg monsters and strange creatures that seem to be a compendium of all the science fiction produced by the cinema up to now and, probably, will spend their free time playing Pokemon Go. Well, at least that's what we can deduce by looking at the collections of Christopher Raeburn, Craig Green, Xander Zhou or Bobby Abley. Next autumn things could also be different, but, for any eventuality, it is better to arrive prepared. 

Here all the inspiration signed FW19.


Art & Design

E. Tautz - Oscar Niemeyer


Daniel W Fletcher - John Bulmer 


Qasimi - Mel Odom’s portrait


Pronounce - Thomas Mailaender’s Illustrated People photographs


Astrid Andersen – Allen Jones “Bound”


An homage to

E. Tautz - Ibirapuera Park


Charles Jeffrey Loverboy - Bright Young Things by Cecil Beaton


Charles Jeffrey Loverboy - Sebastian Droste and Anita Berber


Craig Green - Plastic dress 1942


Edward Crutchley - Grace Jones 


Nicholas Daley  - Lee Scratch Perry Studio Black Ark

Bobby Abley – Pokemon


Bobby Abley – Xtina Dirrty


Cottweiler - Le Grand Bleu 


Kiko Kostadinov- The Ring 


Kiko Kostadinov - Midnight Lace 


Xander Zhou - Abominable Snowman from Monsters University


Liam Hodges - Joey in Hackers