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1. It is the highest Air Max unit ever

SEVEN KEY FACTS ABOUT THE NEW AIR MAX 720 1. It is the highest Air Max unit ever

A futuristic silhouette, a comfort never experienced before and the highest Air unit ever.
We present the new Nike Air Max 720 and these are the 7 things you need to know:

1. 720 is the first Air Max unit for full-length lifestyle. Just as the Air Max 97 redefined the performance potential of Air technology by introducing a full-length unit, the Air Max 720 breaks the previously sustained comfort expectations. The shoe is especially constructed from a technical point of view to perform steps and not strides.

2. If the previous version of the shoe, the 270, measured 32 mm in height. The 720 exceeds it, reaching 38mm. The highest Air unit ever.

3. This in particular gives the 720 model Air Max the most elasticity of any Nike shoe. The highest heel in the history of Air technology also confers the largest displacement of volumes on the heel.

4. The name 720 comes from the idea that the Air unit is visible from 360 degrees, both horizontally and vertically.

5. The design of the first model that featured the 720 unit was inspired by nature. The first colors were inspired by lava eruptions, the aurora borealis, the Milky Way, at sunset and at dawn

6. The Air 720 unit is made of more than 75% recycled production waste. The goal of Nike is to ensure a more sustainable future for tomorrow's athletes.

7. 720 will find its way through a variety of models within the Nike portfolio. A preview of this potential can be seen in the Jordan Proto-720.