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Gosha Rubchinskiy: goodbye to the brand "as you’ve know it"

Something new is coming ...

 Gosha Rubchinskiy: goodbye to the brand as you’ve know it Something new is coming ...

“We will stop Gosha Rubchinskiy brand as you’ve know it. We will have no more seasonal collections. Instead something new is coming.”

With these words posted on his official Instagram account Gosha Rubchinskiy announces the revolution within his label, a move perfectly in line with the creative approach that, for some seasons now, has given up on the traditional fashion calendars week, leaving Paris in favor of Russia.

What does this mean for the designer?

The most reliable answer we find in a recent interview with HYPEBEAST in which he states that its main purpose is, at the moment, "to grow PACCBET", increasing collaborations, such as the capsule with Carhartt, and the proposed garments. Moreover, Rubchinskiy is ready to change his strategy and, perhaps, to create a female line.

While everyone is questioning about the health and future of Vetements, another brand with the same indie attitude reveals the beginning of a radical change. What's happening in the fashion world? Let us know your opinion.